NBA 2019-2020 Season

Is There Hope for NBA 2019-2020 Season Sports Betting After the Pandemic?

There is still hope that the NBA 2019-2020 Season will resume after the pandemic. Although rumors have it that this year’s finale on the NBA is apt for cancellation, Los Angeles Lakers SF tweeted that there is no truth in the cancelation of the games. Online sports betting for NBA can still resume.

Businesses and sponsors are open to cooperate with teams and their management if the NBA resumes its slate. MGM is offering part of its facilities to house athletes,their families, broadcast media and people relevant to the event into the fully quarantined facilities. 

Coronavirus Testing Kits for NBA Players

The NBA needs 15,000 COVID-19 testing kits for its NBA organization before the League goes directly to the playoff rounds. The League has the resources to purchase the necessary diagnostic equipment. What worries NBA honcho Adam Silver, team owners, and its officials is the backlash it will receive, given the shortage of testing kits across the country. 

The NBA is working with academic centers, laboratories, and medical test developers so it could assist the government in the fight against the coronavirus. Testing needs to be done for the current season to restart from where it broke down. 

The NBA can resume as soon as it can facilitate the testing of people for COVID-19 under its umbrella. It is the public relations dilemma that Silver will be facing if he goes through with the testing kits purchase that will affect the NBA economy. 

A 25-day Window to Resume the NBA 2019-2020 Season

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reports that executives of the organization are on the table setting a 25-day window for the NBA to resume its direction towards the playoffs. It will take 11 days for individual workouts, considering the social distancing protocol. After the tune ups, a 14-day training camp will ensue. Almost a month before the games start rolling once again. 

Hopefully, the end of May will see the regular season on its way towards the playoff rounds. Fans would be excited to watch the Lebron James versus Giannis Antetokounmpo rivalry unfold by late August. 

Las Vegas is all set to reopen its facilities for the NBA bubble test resumption. The Walt Disney Resort in Orlando, Florida is gaining readiness with  its facilities in place to host the resumption of NBA matches. 

COVID-19 testing is a necessity for the public to return to their normal lives in society. The U.S. Government needs 328 million testing kits for Americans to circulate back and resume their daily work routine. The 15,000 testing kits the NBA League will receive from private funding, could impact other states in dire need of such necessity. On the other hand, it could propel the economy and is a positive sign of something that the world shall be happy about.  

NBA 2019-2020 Season

Sports Can Bring Back the Economy

President Donal Trump reiterated that sports can bring back the economy to its feet and boost the citizens’ morale to fight back against the dreaded pandemic happening in the country. Dr. Anthony Fauci, a prominent member of the White House Task Force in the battle against the virus, stated that sports can commence operation with a regular monitoring and testing protocol on a weekly basis.

The NBA was the first sports league to shut down its operations after Utah Jazz Center Rudy Gobert tested positive for the virus. The rest of the sports organizations followed suit like the NCAA Collegiate Basketball March Madness and the Major League Baseball. Several States shut down public events and gatherings as well. It would be a bubble test for the NBA to take the shot in its resumption of games.

The continuation of matches will have a backlash either way. The league started the domino effect of games cancelation. The NBA organization will once again spearhead sports startups nationwide. At a worst case scenario, the NBA startup would fail and could be easily shut down by the government. 

South Korea resumed its Major Baseball Competition without the crowd in the stands. South Korean baseball  is one of the events that stood up to the challenge. No other sports event emulated what the Koreans are doing with baseball. Perhaps,the NBA could restart the opening of events so other sports organizations can follow.

The Shortest Way for the NBA Season Championship Title

If the game resumes after the 25-day window of preparations, it could finish the remainder of the season in the month of May. At the playoffs. A round robin elimination format could see a two out of three in the Eastern and Western Conference Finals. And finally a 2 out of three championship engagement in the NBA Finals for the crown.  

If the NBA finishes the season after its 25-day window, the playoffs could commence on the 26th of June; after which the first round will finish after a day of a single elimination round. The 2nd round will be on June 29. Confined venues are necessary. 

Each team would need around 35 tests including essential team officers and utility men for 16 teams. In total, 1,690 tests will ensue for 16 teams with all of its players and personnel on site. 

NBA Conference Finals

The League can resume with the Conference Finals on July 2 and finish on July 8. The Finals shall be set in on July 12 where a Champion can be proclaimed on July 18 to conclude the NBA 2019-2020 season.

The current NBA season is intent to return and finish this fiscal year’s competition even if the 2020-2021 Season is set for the delay. 

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