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Ironman Pay Per Head Software

You don’t see it much anymore, but there used to be a thing called “iron man football.” In the old days, players used to play offense and defense. You still see this sometimes in high school and college, particularly if one player is quite great. For example, Steelers running back James Connor, during his early years at the University of Pittsburgh, played defensive end as well as running back. Deion Sanders, would sometimes play wide receiver in addition to safety. Here at Sports Per Head, we have pay per head software that has that same iron man spirit: it can do exactly what you need it to.

Sturdy Pay Per Head Software

Our software has everything that the bookie needs to get an online sportsbook going, grow it, and then keep it going strong. It starts with having the games. that’s one of the first things that new bookies as well as players notice when they come to our site: we have the games. The biggest games, the lesser known games, the unique games, the major events, the games for the true fans – we have them all. Your players can find the games they’re looking for at our site. We can give you the selection to compete with any sportsbook that you want.

Indeed, this selection is so critical to building trust with your players. Today’s sports bettor has so many options for where they can bet their games. They aren’t just limited to a few options; they have the entire internet at their disposal. So, if they come to an online sportsbook and can’t find the games they’re looking for, they’re going to look elsewhere for them. Then, they’re far more likely to stay where they’ve found those games. That’s the advantage you’ll have when you go with us. We’ll give you the opportunity to offer your players the games they truly want to play.

Support for Bookies and Players and Alike

Of course, another facet that sets Sports Per Head apart from the rest is all of the features that we offer our bookies as well as our players. For the bookies, we have plenty of free resources that you can take advantage of. You can get all of the sports updates that you need to keep yourself educated and your players engaged. We have plenty of bookies that may not be too familiar with one sport or another. These free resources help to get them up to speed with some games they may not know too well, so that they can reap the profits of that as well.

For example, many of our American bookies may not be all that interested in soccer. However, as you probably know, there sure are many players who want to be able to bet on soccer. They might not all be in the United States, but people who want to bet soccer exist all the world over. So, we have plenty of US bookies who use these free resources and offer soccer games on their site. This allows them to draw in players they might not be able to. This includes a lot of ex-pats living in America who still follow their favorite teams. It brings in dads of kids who play soccer, or people who just fell in love with the game.

Now, these might not be the same players who are there for the Super Bowl, but that’s great. The selection of games that we offer gives bookies the opportunity to expand their book out beyond just the players they might ordinarily get. You might just start with some people you know, but the internet gives your sportsbook a truly global reach. You can get players far from where you live. They can come to your sportsbook and get a truly unique sportsbook experience. That’s what we can provide every bookie with the tools for.

Ironman Pay Per Head Software

A Coordinator in Your Corner

As of this writing, the NFL playoffs are really getting into gear. These are the biggest games, between the teams that will ultimately decide the Super Bowl. Every team has a defensive coordinator and an offensive coordinator. Typically, if the teams are playing at this time of year, these coordinators are quite good. While the head coach of each team delegates responsibilities differently, the standard format is that the offensive coordinator calls the offensive plays, while the defensive coordinator calls the defense in a given situation.

For many teams, the quarterback gets a play from the offensive coordinator. The offensive coordinator makes a decision, and then sends that play into the quarterback. Of course, since the quarterback is in the huddle (and indeed, in the game) they can change the play if they’d like. This is called an “audible.” Some quarterbacks are quite famous for calling audibles when they read something different about the defense – or, if they just get a feeling about something.

Here at Sports Per Head, we have a coordinator for you, too. Each bookie will get their own dedicated account manager. They can serve as your “offensive coordinator,” to use an analogy. You can talk to them and be in communication with them. They’ll help you to figure out exactly how you should use your sportsbook. They can give you great advice, tips, pointers and more. Of course, when it comes to your sportsbook, you’re the quarterback. You make the last call. So, you can go with what they say, or you can follow your heart, too. We give you the freedom to do so at our sportsbook.

One place where you can definitely do that is in the line of a game. You can change it to be what you want it to be. You can stick with the line that’s there, or you can change it to something else as you see fit. In fact, the phrase “as you see fit” is a good way to sum up how our sportsbook works. You can use our sportsbook “as you see fit.” You can merge it any way you’d like. With our sharp line management, you can always make sure that your sportsbook is functioning how you want it to.

Start the Sportsbook Today

This is not the kind of business where you need to wait for someone to give you permission. There is no period of waiting for it to get started. You will never have to wait for your “online bookie software” to come in the mail or something like that. Indeed, you could start your online sportsbook experience today. That’s just how quick it can go. Just go to our site, go to the upper right corner, type in the info, and click the button.

Then, you’ll be taken to a page where you can pick the site that you want as well as some login information. From there, you’re good. You’re done. It’s time to start making money. it’s time to start offering people a better sportsbook experience. A sportsbook from our site gives players the thing they’ve been looking for: the games they want, where they want them.

With our site, you’ll be giving players the opportunity to bet on their favorite teams from wherever they are. They won’t have to go somewhere to place a bet; they’ll just have to open their phone. Better still, when they come to our site, they’ll see how easy it is to load. We made everything mobile optimized, so that your players wouldn’t have to worry about a site that took too long to get going. Instead, everything will load quickly and easily. It’s just one more way that we can make a sportsbook that appeals to more people, and offers bookies what they need, too. To get started with our one week free trial, just give us a call at (888) 684-9666 or head to our sportsbook site.