pay per head betting platform

Improved Your Online Betting Business with Pay Per Head Betting Platform

The pay per head betting platform is the ideal tool to develop and grow the online betting business. Crafted by experts to help the bookmaker operate the bookie website to higher levels of efficiency, the pph betting platform pushes revenues higher with the tools and services the pph betting software provider delivers.

What the Pay Per Head Betting Platform Does

Bookmakers want what is best for their online betting business. The pay per head betting platform will transform an ordinary betting wagering site into an efficient operating system that will be easier to monitor and more productive in terms of profits. To achieve this goal, betting companies designed the best tool for the bookies with features that will be helpful in their operations and management.

  • A Customized Betting Website

Working on an operating system that is comfortable and convenient to an odds master will allow him to manage the online betting business. Nothing could be more easier than a pay per head betting platform that was designed by the bookmaker himself. Sports Per Head will give the bookie an option to accept the proposed bookie software or have a  customized betting website made according to the bookmaker’s needs and wile. Our company has a team of resident web developers and programmers that will cater to the bookies’ whim and designs of an operating betting site.

Part of the design is the dashboard that is the center of the betting operations. Besides the simple design that web developers put in place, the pay per head betting platform menus are easy to understand. The IT team sees to it that the first step to wagering avoids confusion among  bookmakers and bettors. Complicating matters will lead to the online players abandoning the betting platform.

  • Automation of Transactions

The operating system of the pay per head betting platform will have all its transactions accurately documented under the group of its respective bookmakers. Accuracy is important for monetary calculations and reports generation. Efficient and accurate calculations will let the bookies know if their online betting business is earning or losing money.

Reports are useful in tracking online gamblers’ activity. Odds Masters can make calculated predictions on their punters with information provided by the pay per head software; analysis that will help them direct their business to a more profitable disposition.

pay per head betting platform

  • Prompt and Efficient Delivery of Services

Betting Companies also provide bookmakers with efficient deliveries of services through prompt accommodation of concerns relevant to their pay per head betting platform. Sports per head will take immediate action if the bookie needs the solution as soon as possible. Sports Per Head has the solution for its customers’ concerns.

Our company has well trained call center agents receiving calls from all over the world. The back office support is available 24/7 throughout the year. They are the heart of the pay per head betting platform services and are ready to resolve issues with the bookmakers and their online gamblers. A feature that a bookie website must have.

  • Business Tools for the Trade

Sports Per Head provides its bookmakers with effective tools that can lead the online betting business to a productive outcome. Tools like the players tracker, betting lines adjustments, capping betting limits, and laying off excess betting action. These tools will help the business from exposure to risks that are harmful to the wagering entity.

Mobile Wagering Services

This feature is one that Sports Per Head is moving ahead with its bookies. Designed for bettors on the go, wagering through the use of mobile devices is the in-thing for modern bettors that prefer to place their bets from anywhere at any time they want to. Especially for millennials who make use of their smart phones, tablets,and laptops. As long as the bettor has access to the clouds, punters can put their wagers on casinos, horse racing, and sports.

  • Live Wagering

The attribute is a must-have for the bookie website. Online gamblers shy away from betting sites that do not have this feature in their pay per head betting platform . Punters want to experience the thrill of the betting action as the event unfolds right before their eyes. You can see how the match progresses as you root for the team that  you bet on. Live Wagering will also be a main attraction to new punters wanting to place their bets on the bookie website.

Live betting erases the doubts of game fixing. Bettors witness the action first hand. Results are obtained and  payouts are fast. The feature gives bettors a better understanding of the match. There are betting options available in live wagering. They are the per quarter bets, halftime bets, the full match betting option among other props presented in live wagering.

Bookmakers can use the live wagering feature to change the betting lines for the benefit of the pay per head betting platform. Punters can have the option to choose from an array of wide betting selections.

Online Casino

With Sports betting down due to the COVID-19  threat, Sports Per Head turns to its online casinos for bettors to enjoy with their betting activity. Online Casinos can be easily integrated to the pay per head sportsbook. A virtual casino installed in a bookie website will have as many as 75 virtual casino games.

The most popular games are Blackjack, Baccarat, Slots, Poker games, craps, roulette, Pai Gow, Video Bingo, and Video Keno. Casino games are more profitable than the manual gaming tables since the deals and shuffles are much faster. Faster games generate more profits. Punters prefer to gamble at this pace since other players are not around for them to wait.Virtual Casino games are the least affected in the gambling industry since they do not require team plays and crowds cheering for them.

Sports per head will deliver the services on the pay per head betting platform for bookmakers to grow and expand their online betting business. Visit our website at and avail of our free trial. Best to call us at (888) 684-9666.