I Want to Be a Bookmaker

An individual who has a goal to be a bookmaker, has been on the other side of the betting arena. He used to be a bettor at any point of his gambling activity. A decision made by gamblers who realized that there is much more money to make in being a bookmaker. It is time for the person to make money by receiving bets and ensure an income on every transaction booked in the betting site. With the help of our PPH Software, being a bookmaker is easy.

Am I qualified to be a Bookie?

Starting off to be a bookmaker will need money on the side as your capital in case players of your website gets lucky. If you have 10 players who wager from $500 to $1000 per game, then you will need a decent amount on the side, about $10,000 to be safe for the winning payouts. Insufficient money to bankroll your betting site will result to setting betting limits, say $250 per player per game. If your players start losing their wagers on the first three weeks, you may not need the capital for the bankroll at all. Instead, you will be collecting the losing bets to increase your money on the side so you could raise the wagering limits.

If you are starting from scratch with at least 10 players on your group of punters, you can minimize the betting limits and set to lower them. A bankroll of $500 to $1000 will suffice if you have lesser number of players. Bookmaker wannabe’s with lack of bankrolls still have a chance to make money on a betting site. They could just set lower wagering limits to get their betting business rolling. 

Pay Per Head Betting Platform for an individual who wants to be a Bookmaker

There is an amazing tool that is an option for individuals who want to be a bookmaker but does not have the financial capacity to start their online betting business, the pay per head betting platform. Sports per Head betting company has one of the best platforms for the odds masters to register with in the betting industry. 

Sports Per Head wagering company delivers an efficient pay per head software that develops the online betting business of existing bookies and helps those individuals who want to be a bookmaker. The SPH pay per head software provider accommodates potential odds masters who cannot afford maximum payouts in their betting business. Players can place bets that are over the limit and will have the protection of Sports per Head to cover the payouts, a good feature for startups in the online betting arena.


Availing of the Pay per Head Platform 

Bookmakers will register to our company on their intention to use the betting site along with their players. After the registration, SPH will provide unique passcodes to bookies which they will assign to their individual punters. The online players can access the SPH wagering sites to start their betting activities. Once the gamblers start placing their bets on the SPH wagering platform, the bookies make a buck on every wager placed on the site. Earnings of up to $150,000 per year is easy when you get the hang of the pay per head software on your betting site.

Since the pay per head betting industry is the fastest entertainment economy in the world. The bookie just pay a flat rate per week for each punter of his group that uses the SPH betting platform. The minimal fee that you pay to the betting site provider will allow your gamblers to enjoy the amenities of the sportsbook company that is at par with the most prominent platforms in the betting industry.

How to Register with an Online Betting Company

There are some basic requisites you have to consider before registering to an online betting site.

Age requirement

Bookmaker applicants should be 18 or 19 years old, depending on the age requirement of each state to be able to become a bookie.

Skill in Numbers

A qualified bookie must be good in the numbers game. A bookmaker should understand the risk factor involved especially with the bankroll linked to the allowed credit limits. The money you have is critical to the operations of your business.

Proper Organization of Your Business

An excellent odds master must have the records organized and keep tight to ensure collection and payouts. 

Considering the Pros and Cons of Online Betting 

Wagering over the internet never stops. There will always be something to put your wagers on. Even on Holidays and Sundays, there is much action going on to miss it. 

The Pay Per Head Management Software

As your business grows, management will not be easy with more punters coming in to place their bets. You will need the help of your sportsbook company to set up your own bookie website or fall back to a pay per head betting platform that the sportsbook service provides supplies. The pay per head software will automate all your transactions so you can manage the betting business over the clouds efficiently. The tool will give you full control over the entity.

Continuously Learning the Tools of the Trade

Bookmakers on the bandwagon of the gambling industry should keep on learning the business as well as your clients gambling behavior. The pph software will help you level up the operations into an effective bookie betting website. The pph software can provide the odds master with reports to analyze and implement if need be. Understanding your clients and the business will help the business in check, resulting in more profit. You can base the transition of your business with the reports generated by the pay per head betting software.

Are You Ready to be a Bookie?

The prerequisites are always being thought of carefully before jumping into this business. Former gamblers who turn to bookmakers can attest that the move is all worth it. 

You have the skills, we have the goods to start a satisfying venture together. Visit our website at Take a tour of our sportsbook and decide if it is the right one for you. Most of our bookies sign in after a spin of the sports per head sportsbook.

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