PPH Scams

How to Avoid PPH Scams

Over the years, pay per head (pph) services have mushroomed in the sports betting industry. With so many pph service providers to choose from, it could be confusing to tell which ones are genuine and which are just crooks. It’s important that you’ll be able to distinguish them to avoid pph scams.

PPH service providers offer bookies and bettors alike with a one-of-a-kind service. This makes the setting of odds and the handling of bets easier to manage. But then again, they are also vulnerable to scammers. Whether you are a bookie or a bettor, this article is for you. It will help you spot swindlers and avoid becoming a victim of pph scams.

How to Spot PPH Scams

It’s really frustrating if you become scammed. Fraudsters have more ways than one to prey on susceptible victims. They will do anything to get their information, steal their identity and their money. Don’t worry because you can do something to spot pph scams and avoid them. You just need to be vigilant and watch out for these:

  • Dubious Incentives and Sign-Up Bonuses

Most pph services provide a week-free trial, allowing bookies to try their service to see for themselves what it can do for their bookie business. Avoid pph scams for not giving in right away to their irresistible offers. Generally, this is offered before a bookie signs up for the service. One week free trial would be enough to decide if the service is the right one for your bookmaking business. 

If the offer is more than a month, you need to think twice before signing up. There are other companies that offer a month or more of free trial or demo. Be careful not to entertain them to avoid pph scams.

Sure, free offers are awesome but if you’re the one offering, would you prolong it? You’re a businessman and your main objective is to make money and not just give it away for free. You need to think if there is a catch, why the free offer is more than a week or so. Usually, this is a sign of pph scams that you must be aware of.

  • Unpaying PPH Service Providers

For a bettor, what’s worse than not getting paid for your winning bet? Another important thing that you need to watch out for is pph service providers that don’t pay their winners. You can check reviews and forums to identify them to avoid becoming a victim of pph scams.

Also, if it’s a new website it would be best to pass on them for the meantime and allow them first to make a reputable name. You can likewise check their social media accounts because that’s where you’ll find comments regarding what kind of services they offer and if they are really legit. However, you still need to make thorough research since some comments and reviews can be faked sometimes to prevent pph scams.

PPH Scams

  • Obscure Contact Details

In any small or big business, contact information is fundamental. You can check the address of the pph service company provided on their website using Google Maps or other location-finding apps. If you can’t find the address, it means it’s a dummy address of likely pph scams. If you’re not careful enough you’ll soon become a victim of pph scams.

Another thing that you can do is to dial the number of their Customer Support which should be reachable 24/7. If the phone keeps ringing or is just answered by an answering machine, you need to be suspicious. Furthermore, even if it’s answered in a different language, the service is possibly pph scams because most legit companies have multilingual agents to avoid the language barrier.

  • Hacking Sites

Some pay per head service companies can’t help being popular than others due to the excellent service they provide. Scammers take advantage of this popularity and use it for their personal gains. They will mimic a certain popular website and persuade customers (bettors and bookies) to log into their accounts. Victims of the pph scams will have no idea that their personal information is getting stolen. 

To avoid getting embezzled by pph scams, you can also use Secure Sockets Layer or  SSL security that encrypts your personal data. It’s an approved technology to keep a secure Internet connection which also protects any confidential information being transferred between 2 systems. This procedure prevents cyber criminals or hackers from reading or altering any transferred data which includes personal information. A link that starts with “https://” can be trusted while common websites start with only “www” or “http.” 

  • Unwanted Links

Since the inception of the world wide web (www), thousands of ads from different products have bombarded every device’s screens. When you visit, sign-up, or place your bet on certain betting sites, you’ll be prompted with links that pop-up on your screen. Be careful not to click these links as it may direct you to another website and ask you to enter your personal information to win big prizes. 

What they also do is send emails to your email address with irresistible offers. Be observant when you receive such phishing emails to avoid pph scams. 

Work with a Credible Pay Per Head Service Provider

To make sure that you won’t become a victim of pph scams, it’s best to work with a credible pph service provider like IDSCA. It stands for International Data Solutions and is a leading bookie service provider since 1997. The bookie software that’s included in the service consists of remarkable features that every bookie and bettors will surely love. 

You’ll never have to worry about your personal information getting stolen. It can process millions of transactions on encrypted efficient and solid web servers. Bookies will have more control over their accounts with essential features including grading of bets and setting limits on players. 

To avoid pph scams, it’s necessary to become vigilant always. Check forums and ratings of the pph service providers you want to work with. Also, don’t forget to look for a refund option. A legit-operating pph service company will refund if a customer doesn’t like the product they offer to maintain their good reputation.