pay per head

How Pay Per Head Puts you Ahead

When we made the decision to design Sports Per Head, we knew we wanted to make it pay per head sportsbook. To do that, we researched all of the other sportsbooks. We saw what worked, and we saw a lot more of what did not. Then, we put everything together into one sportsbook that combines of everything, while eliminating the worst. That’s what we built Sports Per Head to be: the essential online sportsbook. We took features and made them better, while eliminating all of the other problems that plague online sportsbooks.

Pay Per Head Platform

One of the most important things a pay per head sportsbook can do is make it easy for all of the players to wager and bet. We built Sports Per Head to make betting simpler than anywhere else. The easier the betting process is for your players, the more they’ll want to bet. In turn, that’ll mean more money in your pocket. Other online sportsbooks make betting a chore, or somehow strangely difficult, but we’ve streamlined the process so that your customers can bet easily.

pay per head

PPH Sportsbook Advantages

Of course, for players to want to bet on a pay per head sportsbook, there has to be games for them to bet on. That’s where we really leapt ahead of the competition: we made it so that your players can bet on as many games as possible at Sports Per Head. Our sportsbook is full and comprehensive. It offers so many different games that your players are going to want to bet on. It includes games in America as well as international games, so that your players can find the games they’re looking for.

Per Head Service Pros

Even though our site is called “Sports Per Head,” there’s a lot more to play than just sports. In fact, we have a complete online casino, too. That means your players can get into all of their favorite casino games without ever having to leave their home and go to a casino. That kind of convenience can’t be beat. By that same token, they can bet on races that don’t involve humans, too. With racebook offerings, your customers can play the ponies while lounging on the couch.

Per Head Bookie Software

For an online sportsbook to be viable in this current age, it has to be optimized for more than just desktop computers. That’s why we made sure that Sports Per Book is tablet and mobile-optimized, so that your players can access your pay per head site on any device they want. Backing all of this up is our knowledgeable English speaking staff, who can help you every step of the way.

When you want to get started with Sports Per Head, you don’t have to wait. We offer a free trial that shows you everything our site can do. Beyond that, we can have your online sportsbook set up the very day you sign up, so you can hit the ground running by calling us at (888)684-9666 or going to our website.