How Pay Per Head Bookies Get Ahead

Being a bookie is one of those jobs that people think of as being extremely difficult. The image of the bookie in movies and TV shows is that of a hustler: the character in the coat in the corner of the bar. They’re someone who’s always working hard, trying to stay one step ahead of everything. It’s seen as difficult in a way that many other jobs aren’t. As with any job, it requires work. However, pay per head bookies that use our software will find that with us in your corner, your revenues can really take off. To get your bookie business to the next level, try us out at Sports Per Head.

Pay Per Head Bookies’ Software

The “man in the corner” bookie of old did have one thing going for him: he was always available. Anyone who wanted to get a bet down could find that guy in the corner. That’s why we made sure that our pay per head bookies’ software is always up. There’s essentially no downtime with Sports Per Head. That means that whenever your players want to play, they’ll be able to. They won’t go to your site and then discover that it’s down, or that they’ll have to wait to play a game or get a bet down. That matters because it allows you to make money at basically any time of day or night. On top of that, it also keeps your players loyal to your site.

Online gamblers have more options than ever before.  The person who wants to bet on a game has options to choose from. They can choose from any number of hundreds (if not thousands) of sites on the internet. So, you have to give them a reason they should choose yours. The fact that your site will almost always be up and ready to accept a bet when they want to play could be what keeps them coming back to you. Remember: the person who wants to bet on a game, then finds the site where they were going to put a bet on is down, could just turn to something other than betting. People have short attention spans. If your site isn’t working when they come by, that might be the last time they stop by.

That’s just one of the many reasons that bookies who signed with us have advantages over those who didn’t. Another major reason is that our sites are fully optimized to be used on any device. That’s not “a little optimized” or “mostly optimized, for just these models of phones and tablets.” No, you can find your Sports Per Head site completely optimized on any kind of mobile product. That means that no matter what kind of device your players are looking for your site on, they’re liable to find it.

That can be more important than you think. To go back to the example of “the bookie in the bar,” if someone wanted to get a bet with that bookie, they had to physically talk to him. That means they had to be in the bar, or they had to call him. Instead, your players can play without you having to talk to them. You don’t have to take phone calls, send emails, anything like that – all you have to do is manage the site. The players will find it. Indeed, we even automate your business to help our pay per head bookies grow their sheet of players. We see it as one more way that we can help.

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Smart Bookies Use Our Pay Per Head

When your players can access your site on any kind of device, it can be huge for your business. The bookies with us know that their players can get a bet down at six AM, noon, midnight, 4 AM, or any other time of day. they can be your neighbors or clear across the world – if they can find your site online, you can get their money. That’s the beauty of an online sportsbook: your sportsbook isn’t limited by the neighborhood, or whoever you talk to. Instead, your sportsbook will have no limits whatsoever. That’s true in terms of reach and access, as well as games that your players could play.

In the past, bookies could only take bets on so many games and so forth. With the rise of the internet, there are so many more sports and games around the world that people are aware of. As experienced bookies know, when people see sports, they want to bet on them. So, our online bookies can use our service to take bets on so many games from all around the world. Instead of just the big NFL games in your city, for example, you can take bets on international football (soccer) as well. The more games you offer, the more players you can reach – and the more money that goes into your pocket.

That’s just another way that Sports Per Head offers our bookies an advantage. Another major one is that we automate as much of your business as possible. We understand how busy everyone is nowadays. The more we can automate your business, the easier we can make it on you. With our automation, the info is updated in real-time. So, that means all the information you and your players need to make decisions is updated instantly on the site. That way, everyone can make decisions for themselves. Players are likely to stick with a site that updates its info quickly and consistently.

Beyond Online Bookie Software

By that same token, while we automate as much of the process as we can for our bookies, we still make sure that they’re in control of their site entirely. When you sign with us here at Sports Per Head, you make the major decisions. You choose the domain, you name everything, you can set the lines and anything else you want – you are in control. This is your online bookie site. We’re just here to make the process easier. With Sports Per Head, the bookie retains the power, so that they can run their site as they see fit.

That being said, if you have any questions about anything in regards to our site, we’re here to answer them. We take extraordinary pride in our tech and back-end support. That way, all of your players can rely on your site. On top of that, all of our bookies can contact us with any questions they might have. See, the tech support pros we have are just that: pros. They aren’t people who took a one hour seminar on how to talk to bookies; they’re knowledgeable experts with lots of experience. They can walk you through any questions you might have. When you sign with us, we’re in this together.

To that end, our pay per head bookies only have to pay a “per usage” agreement. So, our bookies don’t have to worry about spending too much money with this business. Instead of shelling out a bunch of money when you sign up, you pay a minimal fee per person. When someone uses the software to place wagers and bet, then you’ll pay us. That way, you never have to pay an exorbitant unexpected fee. We understand how up and down this business can be, so we want to make it easier on our bookies.

Bookie Software for You

We’d love for you to become another one of our pay per head bookies. Starting your own online bookie site is a big step. We absolutely understand that. That’s why we offer a comprehensive free trial. When you try it, you can use everything that our site has to offer. Take Sports Per Head for a spin and see what the online bookie future is by giving us a call at (888)684-9666 or heading to our site.