A Pay Per Head

How Much Money Should You Invest in Pay Per Head?

A pay per head service is an ideal option for you if you wish to be a successful bookie online. But you may wonder how much should you invest to make it happen? It is a popular question that we get to receive at Sports Per Head

Unfortunately, we cannot give you a straight answer. The amount will depend on some variables that are outside of our control. 

However, you may call our customer support to give you an estimate of how much you need to pay to start your online bookie business using our software. 

Why Choose to Open a Pay Per Head Business 

Sports betting is a popular activity in the world. And bookmakers are utilizing price per head service to help them manage their online booking. It is a platform that lets you run your sports betting business successfully. 

It can offer you tons of opportunities that let you gather more customers. Our proprietary software is customizable, based on your needs. You can customize it to help you track your customers or impose limits on the players. 

Our PPH service will give you the ability to offer your players all sporting events. Your players do not have to go somewhere to place their bet. All they need to do is access your site, log in to their account and make a bet. 

And you can easily handle all those bets at once. Your players will get the best odds. These are the same ones that professionals play. They can also get live in-game betting. 

A Pay Per Head

No Downtime 

What we can promise you is that your site will have no downtime. In that case, your players can use and bet at any time they want, even during the peak of the game.

More Options 

To be a successful online bookie, you need to offer your players more options to bet on. We understand that players do not want to go to an online bookie site, bet on a big game but disappointed because the site has limited options. 

It can be frustrating for them. The limited options can turn your players off. They go to another online bookie site that offers several options to bet on. 

Here at Sports Per Head, we ensure that it will not happen to you. We can offer you the biggest and smallest games. 

Sports Per Head make sure that they are accessible to your players to they can wager as many options as they want. We also update the lines in real-time. But you can control the lines however you lit. 

To offer your players a unique betting experience, you establish the line according to your preference. You have full control over your site. 

But you can also allow us to manage your business. Let us handle the vital aspects of it so you can run your business however you like. it. 

Our platform is built to accommodate any type of bookies. No matter how you want to enter this incredible business, you can easily do so with our pay per head service. For more information about our services, please call us at (888) 684-9666.