An Online Sportsbook Scam

How Can You Spot An Online Sportsbook Scam?

One thing that most online sportsbooks do differently from traditional bookies is that they don’t have an upfront cost. You pay them a monthly fee that is significantly less than what the typical professional sportsbook in your town charges. Now don’t get me wrong, there are certainly some dishonest operators out there that will use the fact that you can “just pay them a monthly fee” as a way to take your money and run with it. But for the most part the majority of us online sportsbooks are honest and fair. They just want to make money like any other business. The problem comes in when a person thinks that they can “just pay them a monthly fee” and get away with it. This article will help you spot an online sportsbook scam.

Things You Should Watch Out For When Encounter An Online Sportsbook Scam

Here’s the thing that so many people forget. There are people on the Internet that make a living being scammers. These are people who set up phony sportsbooks in your local area. Then they go online and advertise their services. The only people that these types of people really care about are people who are making sales. So, they target the people who are already thinking about gambling.

You’re probably thinking that you can “just keep an eye on the guy” and he won’t do any damage. If you had the ability to look into someone’s computer you could probably find out a lot of information about them. This is actually what people used to do back in the old days before the Internet became a commonplace. But today, you really don’t have access to someone’s computer. That’s why the upfront fee is important. Without it there would be no reason for someone to set up a bogus sportsbook.

You should also be wary of an agent that wants you to open an account with them, even before you ask them for proof of funds. For example, if you were at a local sportsbook and the person who was trying to sell you the service came around and offered you money without providing proof of where they live you would likely look past this. If you were at an online sportsbook and they said they lived in California but they were refusing to provide proof of funds then you should definitely question how much proof they have. This is not to say that they didn’t have legitimate proof but if you can’t verify it first off there’s a good chance you shouldn’t give them your money.

The most well-known of all things pay per head is called Spot. These are fake sportsbook agents that are always registered with the BBB. The BBB is the leading watchdog for sportsbook operations and one of the first places you should check if you want to avoid trouble with a sportsbook agent. Most of the time they will at least have a good standing with the BBB.

The next in line are the sportsbook agents themselves. If you are trying to find a good sportsbook you want to stay away from sportsbook agents that are looking to make more money than you are investing. Some are downright unscrupulous in their attempts at getting you to pay more money. If you see a site with a picture of a top-level athlete on it or one of the big-name sportsbook agents, run the opposite way!

An Online Sportsbook Scam

One of the most famous things that pay per head companies will do is advertise the specials and promotions they are running. Most of the time there will be some sort of catch, like a bonus that can be earned depending on how much you bet. They will also try to sell you on the fact that they will match or beat any deposit you have made. If you have ever seen a site that says they will match a deposit of X amount of dollars then run the opposite direction! Pay attention to their language and try not to get pressured into paying more money than you would be happy with. If you feel that they are being less than straight forward about this or there is too much of a chance of being taken advantage of then you might want to pass on the site.

Finally, the last thing that pay per head agents will do is advertise the fact that you can sign up for free. This is another ploy to get you to pay more money. While this may be true, there is always the chance that you will have to pay some sort of signup fee. Before they advertise this, they will ask you what you want to do and then charge you whatever they think you should pay. You can usually spot this one by looking for a disclaimer on the site but if not then just move on to the next online sportsbook!

Sports Per Head: Your Legit Pay Per Head Sportsbook Site

As mentioned above, these tips will help you spot an online sportsbook scam. And we won’t like to be involved in such a site in the future. Thus, if you are doubtful about a certain sportsbook, why would you take the risk? There are hundreds of legit sportsbook companies out there which you can still choose and that includes Sports Per Head sportsbook. With Sports Per Head, you can make sure they have the best system to secure your information. Mostly, your money and betting experience is in good hands. So go for a legit online sportsbook, go for Sports Per Head! Call us right away!