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Hamilton Wins Against Sebastian Vettel on Belgian Grand Prix, Complete Race Available On Pay Per Head Services

hamilton vs sebastianSebastian Vettel of Formula 1 gets defeated after Lewis Hamilton close the gap of the race in up to seven points in the Belgian Grand Prix. At the start of the race, Hamilton was able to get an advantage from pole position letting him build a 1.7s lead. While Vettel ran two laps longer after clearing the second Ferrari of Kimi Raikkonen and later rejoined Hamilton on the line in two seconds. Lewis Hamilton from the United States on his Mercedes closed the gap in 1:24’42.820 time. The champion was followed by Sebastian Vettel riding his Ferrari at 2:258. Among the top five are Daniel Ricciardo, Kimi Raikkonen, and Valtteri Bottas at more than 10 minutes time. Excited to bet on the next race? Well, these pay per head services will guide you in winning the race for your favourite car racer and other popular sports.


The Plans To Choose

First of all, if you want to get successful in hosting a sportsbook, you should know very well the plans to choose from the pay per head services of a company. Each plan includes features that would accommodate you in every game in the sportsbook. Of course, each of the plans also comes with corresponding prices that are mostly set on “head per week.” Head per week means that a given amount is the price of each bettor per week. For instance, there are 50 bettors and you have chosen the $10/head per week plan in your selected pay per head services of the company. This would mean that in the $500 per week you have to pay, it will include the packaged pay per head services on the plan you chose.


The Sportsbook Software

The Sportsbook software or the sports betting software is one of the major pay per head services. The sportsbook software could directly benefit a multiple number of bookies. The software is designed to ease the daily workload through its very reliable program. Furthermore, the sportsbook software could provide the flexibility in the operation of the sports betting event. Most importantly, the software as one of pay per head services in terms of growing the business and making more money for the bettors and bookies. The sportsbook software in the pay per head services is both for the bookie and the player. the bookmaker can run the operation of his bookmaking service anytime and anywhere for it is easily accessible on any types of devices.


Free Website

Among the pay per head, services are the free website wherein you can choose your preferred templates, images, and layout of the information for the sake of aesthetic. Customize booking websites as part of the pay per head services can be accessed by signing up for a bookie account. Afterward, the pay per head company will send the variety of websites options for the online sports betting software. With this, you as the bookie can be set apart from the competition and at the same time promote your business making it more professional looking. If the sports betting software looks professional with the help of the free website customization options, players will feel the superior level of convenience and security, making them bet anytime they want.


Commendable Security

The security in sports betting is very crucial, that’s why it is always one among the major features of pay per head services. Security provides the bookie and the player’s peace of mind while betting. First, there are players who want their information to be confidential, while others are afraid getting hacked. At this point, a commendable security is necessary for the protection of the people. Among the security provided of the pay per head services is the digital recording software. The digital recording software will protect the bookie and other players from irate players who always claim wrongly entered wages.


24/7 Customer Service

Pay per head services has a good standing state-of-the-art call centre or customer service which is active 24/7. Having a customer service is necessary especially if the players are having a hard time getting down on a game. As part of a pay per head services, the customer service is comprised of professional staff who are committed to bringing quality service to clients and bookies. One among the duties of the customer service in pay per head is to make wagers as well as to ask the client’s attention regarding questions that are related to their personal accounts. Just for the sake of keeping the phone open for the bookie and players, the customer service often times has a generator to ensure an uninterruptible supply of electric power.


Technical Support

Aside from customer support, technical support is another part of a pay per head services. Even though not all pay per head companies have their own pay per head services technical support as well as for customer care, having at least one of these is a wise decision. Sometimes, technical support is only present on a particular pay per head plan. This would mean that if your plan does not come with technical support, then it is time to change your plan or upgrade it. There are other online sports betting companies with pay per head services offering multilingual support (not only English). The time and ability


Weekly Balances Tracking

Tracking weekly balances is another feature of pay per head services. Here the players and bookie can view detailed sub reports on every level of each activity and everything you need to know. Almost all companies with pay per head services have this one significant feature. If you are a bookie, you can easily track the weekly balances reports of every player as well as their daily and weekly figures and how much they have earned. Here, you can adjust according to your preferred strategies the payout for each player. Though there are differences in the layout and format of the weekly balances report on each company which offer pay per head services, the function is the same.


The Dashboard Reports

The dashboard reports are another great feature of pay per head companies. With dashboard reports, you can improve the performance of your bookmaking business in just a short time. Typically, the premium sportsbook software is packed with 15 customizable reports (depends upon on plan). One of the benefits of the customizable dashboard is that you can select what format and design work for you. The dashboard will let you see how much money was placed by the players. The billing history is also part of the dashboard which can provide you and active head count of the players     


The Bookmaker’s Hold Percentage

Another of pay per head services is its capability to make the comparison on hold percentage to turn player data into profit. This will allow the bookie to offer more lines whenever and wherever the players prefer it. The hold percentage will make it easy to calculate the profitability of the Bookmaker’s sports betting career. Besides, the hold percentage option for pay per head services can be easily accessible at the bottom line of the report. This will display the total win or loss for all players over a specific period of time. There are also other options to view the hold percentage such as daily, weekly or even monthly. To make excellent online sports betting business, choose a company with pay per head services which includes hold percentage tool.


Team Customization Services

Another great feature of pay per head services is its team customization services. This service will help the bookie choose his own parlay lines as well as set the terms and limitations for the team’s players. The parlay is where the bettor gets several bets at a time and make him able to enhance the payoff if he, fortunately, wins on all his placed bets. With this feature, as a bookie, you can take a close monitoring for the parlays while keeping competitive odds. Furthermore, this team customization services will allow the bookie to set restrictions and honest play for the players, thus maintaining discipline among them.