Features of Sports Per Head Services

Let’s face it – not everyone gets too excited about automating their business through pay per head services. Firstly, technology is the backbone of the business and some bookies who have gotten accustomed to conventional bookmaking business may find it a bit overwhelming. Yes, we understand these worries, and that is why we have put up two of the most practical features we have at our price per head service.

Check Our Software Demo

NO, we won’t leave you hanging once you have signed up in our price per head service. SportsPerHead has a series of software demo that would enable you to learn the platform in an instant. Our mobile-optimized software gives you a comprehensive preview of the sports betting interface, reports interface, in-live betting interface, and even in navigating the online casino.

Online Sports Betting InterfaceSee and learn how to access our extensive list of tournaments and major leagues. If you wish to access the live betting suite, you can do so with just a fraction of the cost. Here’s a tip – this is the most popular tool for the young players and this can help you grow your sheet.

On-line Casino and Live Dealer Casino – WWhether you are a big fan of table casino and other games such as roulette, poker, blackjack, etc or just find live dealer casino more thrilling, then our platform fits the bill. This is a popular add-on to the platform and you can add it by checking the demo.

Mobile BettingNever miss a match when you are away from home. You can still wager or place a bet using your favorite Web-enabled device. The website used for our pay per head services are completely mobile-optimized, so no need to worry about the add-ons and the tools you wish to add to yours. See the demo and witness how responsive our site is even on mobile devices.

Watch ReportOne of the unique features is the automatic watch report wherein you can have a glance at our agent site all at once. Pay attention to your sheet swinger and observe the behavior of the winners. Yes, get watch your own sheet with an ‘eagle’ eye. See how this is possible with our demo.

Bet Ticker and Line MoverYou can do both! You can watch the different bets as they arrive and in real time with these pay per head services. Our bet ticker feature can certainly make that possible. In addition, you also get to access the platform if you intend to manage your lines on your own. You may also opt to have us manage the entire sportsbook software for you. This is one of the things about our price per head services.

Learn About Our Technology

To have great and extremely reliable technological tools and equipment is paramount to any successful pay per head services. This is one aspect that we are taking seriously. Our team is composed of software engineering experts and highly-competent tech support team to ensure that you will not experience any headache when using our service.

In SportsPerHead, we value the importance of investing in top technology in order to provide real service and to produce results. Rest assured that our experts in the engineering team always keep an eye on our infrastructure and maintain it to the highest standard possible. Forget about downtime, getting disconnected while on the phone or sluggish website.

Hardware, Performance, and System Regency

Sports per Head has its own custom-made private cloud system which connects the main system over multiple kinds of equipment. This provides a great backup in a case on gets stuck. Our hardware can handle 500% more than the load we usually experience at the peak period. If you are wondering why our skins respond instantly, it is because of the number of Content Distribution Network (CDN) we have in various data centers across the globe.

Our services are redundant in order to keep us online every minute of the day. We have several Internet Service Providers and are present in different physical locations as well. This is to ensure that we are always connected. Our call centers and data centers are likewise strategically located in separate locations and they operate on different power grids.

Complete Readiness and Backup Systems

We have a team of experts who oversee the system round-the-clock. Moreover, they are also constantly improving our system by developing new tools and features which are helpful for your business growth. We always see to it that even minor glitches are addressed instantly and with utmost care.

While we are highly confident that it is unlikely to experience a system failure with our price per head platform, we are still ready for it. Your information will be kept secure, protected, and confidential all the time. We have a great working system and backup system to help resolve issues in case of system failure.

Security Plus DDOS Protection

We take protection and security to heart in our pay per head services. Firstly, we have a 7-layer of protection to shield the infrastructure from DDoS attack. We also keep our facilities s secure round the clock. For instance, we do not outsource any employee to work from home. We are committed to supervising all our staff from our physical offices.

In addition, digital security is

one aspect that we take seriously. System administration is IP logged and filtered and our we also make use of SSL standards, advanced firewall application with vector and WAF filtering. Regardless of where you are in the world, we will make sure that you are protected when using our pay per head services and products.

Our Front-End Solution

We take pride in our sharp and user-friendly betting software that will allow all your players to bet with ease and convenience. Our front-end solution is designed to keep you ahead of the pack. It includes the betting software for full-service sportsbook, online casino, live in-game betting, racebook, and even mobile wagering.

Moreover, the 24/7 call center, a top-notch content management system and a free toll-free number are all part of the front-end solutions. We have a dynamic interface that lets you utilize a player messaging platform, a bet-it-all feature, and a bet slip that is highly customizable. If you prefer the classic interface, you can still enjoy pay per head services such as the in-play wagering and a wide range of betting options.

Our Back-End Solution

From the back end, we allow you to closely monitor every part of the account of your players. Our pay per head bookies partners can see what has to be done to maximize the growth of the business. Our solution focuses on a software that allows you to open bets, check the player balance and adjustments, the player’s history, the average weekly earnings, and account balances on a daily or weekly basis.

You can control the parlay odds, the teacher points, and you have the access to delete wagers. In addition, you can set the maximum and the minimum wagers and adjust the maximum bet on a specific sport or game. Bookies can also choose from the two types of back-end supports – dynamic reporting or classic reporting.

The Dynamic Reporting Platform makes use of the advanced agent and sportsbook management software. Our Price Per Head bookies can manage both players and the sub-agents with the help of the Messages, Manage, Hotlinks, and Avatar Features. Each of these pay per head services are designed to help with the close monitoring of your players’ activities.

The Classic Reporting Platform is the traditional interface that many have been accustomed to. The simplicity and efficiency are two of the top reasons much seasoned pay per head bookies enjoy using it. So, whether you are a bookie who prefers multiple features and functionality or a bookmaker who likes to keep things simple, there are two different back-end solutions you can choose from.