Every Season at Sports Per Head Sportsbook

Every Season at Sports Per Head Sportsbook

The off season. That’s the time of year after the champions have been crowned. All of the members of a sports team go their separate ways for a period of time. Then, they head to some kind of training. In baseball, it’s Spring Training – in either Arizona or Florida. For football, basketball and hockey, there’s a training camp. College sports have their own training timetables. However, at Sports Per Head, there’s no off season. In this blog, we’ll explain how our per head sportsbook has the games your players want all year long.

Per Head Sportsbook: Spring

Since this blog is being written in March, let’s discuss the sports that are occurring in the spring: the NBA and NHL are heating up, moving towards their playoffs. College basketball playoffs are just about to start. The March Madness tournament is just about upon us. Before that, the conference championship tournaments will define who gets what position in the tournament. It’s important to remember that you can offer your players all of these games.

With Sports Per Head, you can offer your players so many different live events each month. You’ll be able to give them the best of the above events. You won’t have to worry that there’s something important they’ll be missing out on. Instead, you can give them the best games that they’re going to want to play. As we offer so many games, you’ll be able to bring in the prime time players who are always betting, as well as the casuals who just like to bet from time to time.

In April, Opening Day arrives. For many, that’s the best part of the baseball season. The reason for that is simple: every team is playing, and no one’s eliminated yet. So, even the teams that aren’t going to have good seasons can draw plenty of fans. This can be a great time of year for online bookies. Sure, when teams have started to fall out of the pennant race, their fans may stop following. However, until then, you can get their most passionate fans to bet their hearts as well as their heads.

Summer Sportsbook Schedule

Also in April, the NHL playoffs start. Those playoffs don’t stop till mid June. Your players will be able to bet all of those games. Rounds one and two, the conference finals and the Stanley Cup Final itself – your players can bet game after game, for the duration of the tournament. A team can play a maximum of 28 games, and it takes 16 wins to take home the Stanley Cup. Your players can bet their favorite team all the way to the championship. If they’re eliminated, they might continue betting, just to keep the excitement going, (or to root against the team that eliminated theirs).

At this same time, you’ll have NBA playoffs in full swing, too. Basically just as long as the NHL playoffs, they provide so many great opportunities for your players to bet on the games they want to bet. The NHL playoffs are played every other night (except in some extreme circumstances). Balanced against the NBA playoffs, there will be full months where your players will be able to bet on a high stakes playoff game night after night. The excitement of the playoffs doesn’t stop, which makes it easier than ever for you to draw in the players you want for your sportsbook.

Of course, when it comes to “every day” betting entertainment, nothing tops baseball. Baseball games are played every day of the week. Many teams take off Monday, but not all of the time. That means seven days a week of games to bet on. To be clear, basically every team plays all of those days, too. While there will be “get away days” (where teams play afternoon games before embarking on a road trip) most teams will play most nights. Summer is one of the best times to have an online per head sportsbook, because you can offer your players nonstop entertainment. Of course, there’s no bad time to have an online pay per head sportsbook.

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Fall into Sportsbook Advantages

In the online bookie software world, fall means one thing: football. When the leaves start to change colors, football begins. Training camp begins in July and the preseason games get into full swing in early August. Then, the NFL season kicks off in earnest in September. People love to bet these games. Sure, the Super Bowl is the biggest betting event of the year, but people love betting all of the games. The Kickoff Classic, where the Super Bowl champion begins the season on their home field, is the official start of the regular season.

The NFL isn’t the only football league that begins their regular season in the fall. College football starts, too. To begin the season with even more excitement, teams are scheduling big games early in the season. In the past, traditional powers would schedule a lesser team (often even Division II teams) to serve as a de factor “preseason game” (since they don’t have the NFL’s preseason). As even the backups on the biggest teams are more highly recruited than anyone on the smaller schools, they served as a “tune up” to begin the season.

However, as college football has gone on, and strength of schedule has become more and more important in determining who gets into (and who gets left out of) the College Football Championship tournament at the end of the season, big schools are scheduling games against fellow big schools early on. These games are fantastic opportunities for online bookies. These can bring in the diehard fans as well as those who are more casually into the games.

The World Series has been nicknamed the “Fall Classic,” even though more of the games are being played in November. As the baseball playoffs get into gear, these nail-biting games are some of the best betting opportunities. From the Wild Card games, to the Division Series, through the League Championship Series and finally the World Series itself, these games make for highly exciting betting opportunities. Of course, in the run up to those, you’ll be able to offer your players all the hottest games during the pennant chase. There’s never a bad time to start an online sportsbook, but this very well might be the best one.

Heating up in Winter

Just because the temperature outside is cold, that doesn’t mean there’s a lack of games to bet on. In October and November, the NHL and NBA return. Just as with the start of baseball season, the fans of these teams (good and bad) are sure glad to have them back. This makes for a great betting opportunity to pick up those players who only bet when their teams are in contention. You can get players and hold them on your sportsbook during this time.

Then, college basketball returns, too. During that time, college football makes the final push towards the Bowl Championship Series. The NFL season goes into December, where the race to the playoffs truly comes to a head. From there, the Wild Card round, Divisional, Championship Games and finally the Super Bowl round out the NFL season.

By then, you’re into February, and then March, and then… well, we’re right back where we started. You can go back to the beginning of this blog and read it all over again. As you see by now, there’s always an opportunity to bring someone into your sportsbook. With Sports Per Head by your side, you can offer your players the games they want to play when they want to play them. Getting started with us is easy any time of year. Simply go to our site and follow the instructions or call us at (888) 684-9666.