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Establishing a Sports Betting Site Using Sports Per Head

If you are looking to start your very own sports betting site, then signing up with a pay per head website is the most practical and most productive way to successfully do it. Pay per head websites allow you to use their platform where they introduce you with one of their sports betting sites, and they supervise all lines up to the second in house, which allows you to prioritize in developing your sports betting site business.

One of the best pay per head software sites being offered is, and they just charge a basic price of $10 per active player weekly, and you only get charged if the player has a graded wager during that week. They help you get set up via phone as fast as 5 minutes and provide you with a 4-day trial to try out their site, so that you can make money immediately. Also, they have a promotion which is free for 1 week for initial agents, and also choices for a free week.

Sports Per Head can supply you with one of their many different websites to use. The URL name and homepage will be unique for each, however, once you enter the backend of the site, everything will be in the similar format. These are all free, and you can select whichever website available you desire. However, if you want to have your very own sports betting site, they can also personalize and make one for you.

Sports Betting Site: Special Offer for Bookies

Our company has a special offer where bettors can get their own website for free. You can also have Sports Per Head customize a logo of your choice to the website as well. Once your decision is final on the website name and logo then Sports Per Head can get it all arranged and will be ready to use in  just 24 hours, and sometimes even quicker.

Having your very personal sports betting site will also give you the chance to sell your website, through different options such as business cards, social media platforms, and word of mouth. This will all help you to advertise your website and gain new clients that want to place their bets on your site. This is an awesome idea to help start up your business, and make a name for yourself in the sports betting world.

Benefits of Pay Per Head Betting Platform

Ascending to Large Group Betting

Increasing the number of clients longing for your service is best for business, but if you don’t have the means to take in an ever-increasing number of customers, it’s going to end in disarray.

Pay Per Head Bookie software not only gives you the system to deal with a lot of potential clients, but as you add more, the best software adjusts with it.

This means the capability to classify groups of clients in different ways. You can also organize according to the size of the bet or by date of payout, whatever is right for your needs.

sports betting site

Efficient Security System

There aren’t a lot of things that would make you feel safer than a single copy of your betting information securely locked in a safe. This can make regular methods feel more secure.

When you work with a firm and trusted company, there is no need for security concerns. All of our platforms come with the best security, keeping all the important information of your client safe.

This means prevention from hacking and data leaks. It also comes with insurance to back up the claims, which is not difficult to find.

Automatic Maintenance and a User Friendly Betting Platform

Bookmaking software has features to make even the most users not familiar in using computers feel at home. The interface is organized and readable, while the controls are basic, and easy to learn.

Automatic updates prevent any issues from getting you back in the future. They also provide a refresh on your security and ensure all your data is updated.

Ease of Access of the Total Package 

The greatest feature of the modern age of mobile devices is accessing your bookie software from anywhere. Mobile gives you the opportunity to update any and all of your information from anywhere.

This allows you to get in with the action right away, easily betting first hand and logging it all right on your mobile device.

Analysis and Report Generation

The last little advantage we’ll tackle for today is one that can save you when things get complicated.

A big inflow of new clients can be chaotic and leave you disorganized. You might even get devastated at a big run of bets you started up.

With good bookmaker software, you can organize and analyze all your info, getting concise and easy to read reports from your data in a matter of seconds. You can catch yourself up with data or compare some numbers from earlier, all with a good bookie platform.

You will have a great advantage when starting up your betting site with Sports Per Head. Join us and see your business improve. Visit our website at or call (888) 684-9666.