ESports: An Alternative Solution for Sportbooks Amidst the Pandemic

The survival of sportsbooks is dependent on local and international sports events. Major sports tournaments are suspended due to the CoronaVirus pandemic with no solution in sight. Betting companies turn to alternative innovations to keep their businesses afloat. With the state on a public lockdown, Esports suddenly became one of the best options in demand for the continuance of sportsbooks.

Sportsbooks Turn to Creative Betting Options

The suspension of major sports events hit the sports booking industry like an avalanche rolling down the slopes. This month would have been the playoffs for the NBA and so was the NCAA Collegiate basketball last month. But instead of sportsbooks racking up bets on their betting sites, other wagering options are up for grabs.

Betting companies went to propose betting on weather conditions across the country on the over / under options on temperature readings if it goes below or over a certain degree. For example, the weather in Cleveland,Ohio O/U 53 degrees F today. The app drew 10,000 visitors per week since its launch in mid-February. By the middle of March, visitors to the site ballooned to 100,000 according to the founder of the betting app.

Gamblers are itching to place their wagers on anything that they are probable to win. They are looking for other means beside betting on sports. The Democratic presidential debate also was a success in one of the sportsbook’ wagering props that attracted 55,000 betting entrants. Another political betting prop is: “Who will be the first candidate to bring up the CoronaVirus Pandemic?”, and “How many tweets will President Trump send during the event in the over/under option.” 

Other sites offer pool-to-play for TV Reality Shows like Top Chef, Cure Your Enthusiasm, and Jeopardy. There are still paid pools around for Aussie Rules Football and Australian Rugby.

Esports Spiked during the COVID-19 Lockdown

ESports are in demand on sportsbooks  and are great alternatives on the betting platform. Bets on the Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), League of Legends, (LoL), (PUBG), among others lead ESports online betting offers. 

The Daily Sports Fantasy saw its rating jumped on unique paid activities up to 1050% and entry fees increased by 707% week after week on a betting site. 

Sportsbook Simulation already in Place Before Pandemic

Simulations in sportsbooks were already in existence long before the pandemic locked down physical sporting arenas. NBA Sims Sports have their market based on the NBA matches played in the tournament per se. Virtual horse racing tracks are already embedded in most sportsbooks and so are casino table games. Common online  games found in casinos are Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Sic Bo, Baccarat, Bingo, Keno, among other popular games. 

Simulated games, including esports are great alternatives for online punters wanting to place their bets on anything under the sun. The home quarantine in effect, online players craving for some betting action can indulge with the activity from the comforts of their homes.

Sportsbooks are creating anything they can to lure punters to place in their wagers. Mobile betting could help sportsbooks earn some money. With regulations limiting casinos on home player settings, betting through mobile gadgets is the best way to bet on casinos and horse racing. 


Sports Per Head Delivers ESports and Simulated Games

Sports per head has taken the initiative to deliver the same betting excitement to its patrons on the internet. Our company will offer betting on the most popular video games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2, League of Legends, HeartStone: Heroes of Warcraft, SMITE, and StarCraft 2. Tournaments on these games offer guaranteed contests (finalist receive part of the prize pool), Head to head bouts, Winner Take All matches, 50-50 contests (half the field is paid), Double or Triple Up tournaments (players win 2x or 3x their buy in, Qualifiers for other matches, and Leagues (contests that has no guarantee, but is not a two-player match. 

Last month, ESportsbook betting by game had a slice of the pie at 38% betting on League of Legends, 29% Counter Strike Global Offensive, 18% on DOTA 2, 7% on StarCraft 2, and 8% on other games. Sports per Head will deal on cash betting on these esports categories. 

Having the Moment in Online Betting

Esports on Sports per Head is one of the last options for sportsbooks to take advantage in the gambling arena. Imagine yourself at home watching a live telecast of the 4 finalists on remote locations competing in a tournament viewed live by over 8 million League of Legend fanatics. 

The setting is like a teleconference meeting done on Zoom video chats when the pandemic shut down live sports betting. It was the League of Legends Championships (LLC), the most famous world title in the world with 8 million daily registrants. It is also one of the highest levels of contention in North America. 

As live sports turned awry with the NCAA Collegiate Basketball March Madness canceled, followed by postponement of the Major League Baseball, the playoff rounds of the NBA, the Masters just around the corner, and even the NFL drafts were on hold too. Esports took sportsbooks by storm. These events stand with uncertainties when the teams could resume their events. 

Stadiums and sports arenas fall in deafening silence with esports stepping up to fill the abyss that live betting used to dominate. Esports took that spot from the queue of 150 million American gamers influenced by esports icons who made it rich playing what they are good at. Famous and wealthy gamers like Ninja (Richard Tyler Blevins), made an estimated $10 million in 2018 with 22 million subscribers by February 2020. He earned $500,000 per month streaming the video game Fortnite. Another player on the spectacle is PewDiePie (Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg); his 2020 net worth is $30 to $50 million. 

Esports is timely for the quarantine period where isolation is a must to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Esports found its Moment.  

Sports per Head will deliver you the moment with Esports on the line. For further details, visit our website at or call us at (888) 684-9666