Defending Your PPH Sportsbook

Defending Your PPH Sportsbook

For running backs to get the space they need to run in football, they need someone to clear space for them. that’s where the offensive line comes in. Guards, tackles and centers, they push defenders out of the way so that the running backs can advance the ball. Of course, the running game is the entire offense’s responsibility. So, sometimes fullbacks and tight ends are used to block. Downfield, wide receivers can help with blocking, too. With our PPH sportsbook, we have plenty of blockers who keep out unwanted hackers and more. In this blog, we’ll explain a bit about how this all works.

Infrastructure for your PPH Sportsbook

The “anchor” on the offensive line for your sportsbook is our unparalled infrastructure. There are many other sportsbook sites who say they offer great infrastructure, they may reference something about having quite a bit of investment in infrastructure, but ours is something special indeed. WE have a fully stocked multi-million dollar facility. It houses high-powered servers that give your sportsbook all the support it needs to be there for when you truly need it.

Indeed, on top of our facility, we have other ways of helping to keep your sportsbook running smoothly. In fact, to use the phrase, they truly are “on top” of our facility literally, as they’re satellites. Our satellites combine with our fiber optics to make sure that your sportsbook is running 24/7365 for the players who need it to be running. To continue the football analogy, it only takes one offensive lineman to slip and fall for the quarterback to take a bad hit, or the running back to be dropped for a loss. That’s why we make sure that our infrastructure is always running smoothly.

Uptime When You Need It

As of this writing, the Super Bowl is almost here. That’s one of the biggest gambling days of the year, and it’s certainly a big day for online sportsbooks. You’re liable to bring in all kinds of players who ordinarily wouldn’t bet on sports just because it’s the Super Bowl. Maybe they’re at a party, maybe they’re just getting into the game, maybe they just came across your site – there are all sorts of reasons that casual gamblers might just start betting on the Super Bowl. It’s a huge day for your online sportsbook and our site.

They load up your site, everything seems fine. On a whim, one of these players makes a bet, and … the site goes down. That’s it. they try loading it up again. Nothing happens. Still, they give it one more shot – nothing. The site loads up just a moment later, but by then, it’s far too late. The casual gambler has already moved on to another online sportsbook, one that didn’t go down during the worst time. Don’t let this happen to you.

We’ve seen this so many times with other online sportsbooks. They go down at seemingly the worst times. We use the Super Bowl as one example because it’s near, but the truth is that many sites just don’t have the servers, infrastructure, manpower or anything else to handle with a day as big as the Super Bowl. So, when a huge event like that happens, their site just can’t handle it, and everything crashes.

Of course, when you come to Sports Per Head, you won’t have to worry about this. Our servers make sure that our site is up essentially 24/7. That means that whenever your players want to get a bet down, they’ll be able to do so. This includes major holidays, by the way. You may not think that’s a great time for sports gambling, but you’d be wrong. Holidays are some of the best days to get in players that may not ordinarily play as well as the experienced players.

Defending Your PPH Sportsbook1

Holidays for Players, Holidays for Bookies

Christmas Day may be a great day to spend with those you care about most, but it’s also a great day for the NBA. Indeed, they usually plan to put a couple big, marquee matchups up on Christmas Day. in the last few years, the NFL has gotten into the act, too. Regular season divisional championships have been decided on Christmas Day in the very recent past. Of course, thanksgiving has always been a big day for the NFL. In addition to the traditional Detroit and Dallas games, they’ve also started adding a night game as well. Usually, this is a rivalry game between two teams with good records the year before.

Holidays are also great for some lesser known games as well. For example, in addition to all of the big NFL and NBA games on Christmas, there’s usually a college football bowl game going on as well. That might not seem like a big deal to you, (indeed, the game usually pits two teams from smaller conferences against each other. Or, alternately, the game is between two teams that play in power conferences but didn’t finish in first place). However, this game might be a big deal to some of your players. It might even be a big deal to some people who couldn’t find anywhere else to bet it.

By giving our bookies more selection, they’re able to offer their players more. You can offer them the games on holidays that they might not be expecting. Sure, everyone knows about the big bowl games on New Year’s Day in college football. However, there are also outdoor NHL games during that same time. These games can draw in the big fans as well as the people who may not know that much about hockey but like seeing the teams outside in their outdoor jersies.

A System You can Trust

Of all the things that sets Sports Per Head apart from the rest, nothing might be as big a deal as our 100% reliable system. As you can see on our site, we refer to it as our “100% reliable system.” You’ll notice that isn’t open to interpretation. That doesn’t say “mostly reliable system” o almost one hundred percent reliable system.” No, it says that our system is reliable one hundred percent. Indeed, that’s basically where our uptime is. We average 99.99% uptime every single year. That means that when your players want to get that bet down, they can.

So, when they come to our site, they’ll get a site that’s fully mobile optimized. That means that it can load on the device of their choosing. Of course, it’ll be able to load whenever they want it to load due to our full system redundancy. Seven layer protection means that the well-maintained servers keep maintaining our sportsbook well and keeping the DDOS attacks out. The last thing a bookie should have to worry about is the security of their online sportsbook. We see security as one more service that we can offer our bookies.

By that same token, our servers are just part of how we defend your sportsbook. We also have a team of experts with years of experience. They can suss out any misgrades or bad lines. That’s an important form of security, as important as the servers themselves.

Getting started with our sportsbook is simple. You don’t have to pass through a series of tests or anything like that. You can get started today and begin earning money. You don’t have to wait around; you don’t have to plan for doing it some other time. You can get started whenever you want. The power is yours. All you have to do is go to our site, fill out the form, and begin. Pick a site, pick a login, and get to it. With our servers and support backing you up, there’s no ceiling to how successful you can be when you give us a call at (888) 684-9666 or head to our site.