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Day One Pay Per Head Bookie Software

In the NFL Draft, “day one” players are highly sought after. In fact, the phrase can mean two separate things. It may mean that the player is drafted on day one of the draft, which would mean that they’re a first round draft pick. These are the first players taken, and they’re paid higher amounts immediately as a result. Alternately, a “day one” player could be one that’s able to help a team as soon as they join. Instead of needing time to back up another player until they improve, they’re ready to play from the moment they put on the pads. At Sports Per Head, we have pay per head bookie software that can help you from day one.

Starting with our Pay Per Head Bookie Software

You don’t have to wait around to see all of the features that our pay per head site has to offer. Instead, you can see them from the moment that you sign up. We have the best free trial in the industry. Too many other pay per head sites won’t let you see all of their features in their free trial, much less use them. You’ll only have limited functionality. They may make all kinds of promises about what they can offer their bookies and the bookies’ players, but then they won’t even give you a chance to give it a test drive.

Their reasons for doing this should be obvious: they don’t have that much to offer. they want you to sign up, see what they have (which isn’t great) but still buy into the idea that, if you just give them some more money and time, they’ll be able to give you everything that you’re looking for. We find this kind of attitude demeaning and frankly, disrespectful. Other pay per head sites tend to look at their bookies as their business. They want to make money off of you and that’s it. That’s not how our site works. We see our bookies as business partners. When you do well, we do well. Indeed, we get paid by the number of players you have on your site. So, we want to offer you as many features as possible to have the most players on your site.

Easy Beginnings

The last thing you should have to do to get started with a pay per head site is to jump through hoops. Having to go through some bizarre, long vetting process, filling out a bunch of forms – it’s a waste of time. moreover, it’s a waste of money. When you have to go through the entire rigmarole of filling out forms on other sites, it’s time you could be making money with us. If you go to our site, you’ll find everything you need to fill out to get started at the top of the home page.

The phrase “sign up in less than a minute” may sound like hyperbole, but it isn’t. You’ll notice that we didn’t write “sign up in a few minutes” or “sign up in less time than you might think.” No, we wrote “sign up is in less than a minute.” There’s a reason for that: it probably won’t take you sixty seconds to fill out everything you need to to sign up for our site. In fact, it may have taken you longer to read to this part o the blog than it would have to sign up for the site.

Your name, your email, your phone number – that’s it. So long as you have all three, you’re ready to get started as a bookie. Now, from there, there is another page to go through before you’re officially a bookie on our pay per head site. However, that one will probably take just as long for you to fill out. After you fill in this information, you’ll also choose your login as well as your website. There are different designs to choose from, and you’re sure to find that one corresponds to what you’re looking for. From there… that’s it! You’re officially a bookie. It’s time to get some players.

bookie software

Pay Per Head “Every Down”

Many of the “day one” players in the draft are also “every down” players. In the NFL, that means that they play on every single down (although, perhaps paradoxically, many “every down” players don’t play on 4th down typically, as that’s usually a special teams play: field goals, punts, and so forth. Unless, of course, the offense is trying to use 4th down to make a first down. Football can be complicated).

These are players that stay in on every offensive or defensive play. Usually, teams have sub packages for defense and offense. While the quarterback and offensive line will stay in on every play, some of the wide receivers, tight ends and running backs may switch out for players whose skill sets better fit the next down. On defense, sub package substitutions are even more common. Defensive lineman, linebackers, corner-backs and safeties can all be rotated, depending on the down, distance and more.

That makes players who have the athleticism to stay in and play effectively in all three downs so valuable. In a league with a hard salary cap, they’re essentially able to do the jobs of multiple players. Instead of having to sign another player to be a coverage 3rd down inside linebacker, for example, a first round draft pick with great speed can do. On top of that, a true “every down” inside linebacker can cover tight ends one on one, drop back in zone coverage, tackle the ball carrier and even blitz if need be.

That same “every down” mentality is what bookies need out of their online bookie site. If your site only works occasionally, or only does a few things right, then your bookie business isn’t going to work. While some players may stick with you for a period of time, eventually they’ll go to a site that can do everything. Maybe your site only offers a few games, perhaps its servers go down quite a bit, or maybe they don’t have customer support – those are all things that have done in many a pay per head site. With Sports Per Head, you don’t have to worry about any of those.

There’s no better time to be an online bookie than right now. That goes hand in hand with the fact that there’s no better time to be an online gambler than right now. Indeed, there’s more opportunities to bet on the biggest games than ever before. You don’t just have to bet on the biggest games – you can bet on the smaller ones, too. That is, of course, should your pay per head site offer those games as well.

Here at Sports Per Head, we take great pride in how many games our site offers players. Instead of having to hunt around for the smaller games, we offer all kinds of games in all kinds of sports. That means that you can find the biggest games that everyone is talking about. by that same token, you can find all of the games that the true players are into, too. if you’re a die hard fan of a team that’s struggling a bit, other sites may not include the games. We include everything we can.

Hit the Ground Running

It’s all in front of you. With a pay per head site like ours, having a bookie business doesn’t have to be a dream anymore. It can be a glorious reality. All you have to do is sign up. From there, we’ll give you everything you need to make your business what you truly want it to be. Call us at (888) 684-9666 or go to our site to start today.