Boost Your Income with a Price Per Head Sportsbook Management Software

Boost Your Income with a Price Per Head Sportsbook Management Software

One of the ways to boost a bookmaker’s income is by working with a betting platform that provides you with a price per head sportsbook management software. The tool is an innovation by the pioneers of the betting industry and for bookies so they can grow and expand their online wagering business. An efficient pph program will deliver business solutions geared to the success of your interest in the online betting venture.


Price per Head Sportsbook Management Software: What It Can Do for Bookies


Some features that the price per head sportsbook management software delivers are:


Moving Your Own Lines

Other betting platforms restrict their bookmakers from moving their betting lines. In Sports per Head sportsbook, a bookie has the capacity to move his lines or have the sportsbook company do the task fo the odds master.


Bet Package Monitor

The feature allows the bookmaker to view all the bets placed in the bookmaker betting site. The tool is a significant instrument to manage your wagering website effectively. The information available through the pph program, allows you to identify betting trends or collaboration among bettors or other bookmakers placing their wagers on your site. The data gathered is useful for risk management studies and decision making.


Online Player Tracker

The bookie’s online gamblers are trackable through this tool. The odds masters will know what are the gambling activities of the punters in real time. Tracking your players like the high stake hitters and the sharp bettors are essential to the gambling site’s management. Monitoring the gamblers will lead to a profitable operation of the bookie betting website.


Live Betting

Punters over the internet prefer to play in a betting platform with the live wagering feature. The tool is in price per head sportsbook management software with the aim to deliver excellent services to the players on the bookie sportsbook. The feature rushes the thrill and excitement of the bettors as the game unfolds before them in HD resolution.


A wagering site that does not have a live betting facility is an inferior betting platform. pph programs have the in-game betting tool in their list of effective features. Installing a live betting amenity takes a lot of money in a sportsbook program. A price per head sportsbook management software that does not have this feature will lag behind from the pph programs in terms of profitability.


Mobile Betting

An effective pph sportsbook accommodates the niche of gamblers using their mobile devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets and other internet-connected devices. The new online gamblers are constantly rising in numbers and price per head sportsbook management software should have the capacity to serve the millennials of the trade.


The in-game wagering feature is an advantage to bookmakers in their online betting business. Bookies can download the reports they need from the pph software via their smartphones. The method is convenient for the odds masters as they can do the task wherever they are and whenever they have the time. The bookies can do the task with a stable internet connection.


Free Customized Dashboard

A price per head sportsbook management software provides the bookmakers with a free program to augment business operations. Bookies can opt to have the bookie website customized for convenience so they can have the personal touch of his online venture. The dashboard will have a unique design that will attract potential players at a single glance; it must be attractive with effective functionality.


Sports per Head will introduce its bookies to software engineers that will do their bookie website if the option is to customize the betting site. A sense of confidence will shadow your recruitment job of online players with the free dashboard that the odds master help design and build. Your custom-built website can promote an online presence that can attract old and new gamblers.


International and Local Sporting Events

A price per head sportsbook management software have connections to sports events here and abroad. A bookie sportsbook has basketball, American Football, Hockey Soccer, Baseball, Volleyball, Tennis, Golf, among other sports both in collegiate and professional levels. Other betting opportunities offered in the Sports per Head pph sportsbook are MMA, Boxing, Greyhound Racing, Rugby, Motorsports, Cricket, Darts, Snooker, Handball, and Futsal.


The wide selection of these events preps up online players to choose for the sport they prefer to place their bets. Complementing these sports options is the type of bets made available by the price per head sportsbook management software. The betting types come with the odds offered by the bookmakers in their business.

Boost Your Income with a Price Per Head Sportsbook Management Software1

Betting Types

Here are some of the wagering types available in sportsbooks:


Future Bets

The bettor will place his wager for the team that he thinks will win the tournament. For example, you backed the Los Angeles Lakers to win the 2018 -2019 NBA Season Championship Ring, the team you bet for should win the Tour for you to win your bet in the future.



This type of bet is a selection of athletes or teams you are rooting for in any tournament. A bettor must choose a number of teams or players that can win their games. A parlay bet has big returns if your teams win all their matches. If any of the team you bet on losses the match, you automatically lose the bet. It is difficult to predict the outcome of the games but it is an exciting type of wager.


Prop Bets

Also known as proposition bets, they add spice to the betting activities of your players. The wagers pop up once in a while offering players to call the bet. Prop bets fare well in sportsbooks as punters call this offers for the fun of it and does not give deeper attention to it. The offers are fun and exciting like when a bet pops up which team, in basketball, delivers the first basket. Many will call this offer and soon you will have a potential income on the first few seconds of the game.



Spreads can be exciting as offered by the sportsbook betting site. In the spread betting type, bookmakers will offer a number of points difference to players if they are for the favorite or the underdog. If there is a 5 point spread offer, a -5 will appear on the team who is expected to win. The spread means that the favored team has to be over 5 points ahead of the underdog. The underdog, on the other hand, will have a +5 on his points.


Online Sportsbook Betting Solutions


Take advantage of the new level of success a price per head sportsbook management software has for bookies and punters. With the pph program, a bookie can operate with the least minimal overhead expenses on his online betting business. Besides the cheap costs, the bookmaker can operate and compete on the same level of playing field with other established sportsbooks. sportsbook solution offers the same business tools to odds masters so they can have the opportunity to grow and expand their reach of punters.


One of the solutions the price per head sportsbook management software delivers is that it does everything for the bookies. The pph program is such a benefit to the bookmakers because it consolidates all data channeled to the bookie software and automates the organization of information. The automated system makes it easy for bookmakers to manage the operations of the business.  


The online players benefit from the excellent services the pph sportsbook provides. Online players no longer have to place their bets over the phone. They can place their wagers through the Sports per head sportsbook by experienced customer service representatives.  


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