how bookies make money

How Bookies Make Money in Online Sports Betting

Bookmaking is a good business, that is why more and more bookies are earning more from it. Consistent profit is one of the most appealing aspects of sports betting if the right strategies are applied. Smart bookmakers use certain techniques to make sure they always get an advantage over the gamblers. Bookies and bettors are essentially rivals when it comes to sports betting. Both studies the techniques of one another in order to give themselves advantage. This article is beneficial for the bookie and the bettor. Here are some techniques how bookies make money in online sports betting which bettors can study. These techniques can also be acquired by novice bookies and current bookies who are looking for ways to earn more profit.

How Bookies Make Money

The Bookies Over-Round

The over-round or charging vigorish is the main technique used that contributes how bookies make money through online sports betting. The bookies add the vigorish or vig which is otherwise known as margin, juice or the over-round. How bookies make money using the vigorish? Simply. The vigorish is a common charge for laying bets, and this charge helps them make a profit. This is applied in a game or sports wherein two outcomes are equally likely. sportsperhead sportsbook also accepts such ways on how bookies make money, but preferably everything goes legal.

Originally, in a betting scenario, a bookie would offer true odds or even money which is equivalent to 2.00 in decimal odds, 1/1 in fractional odds and +100 in money line odds. In this form of betting, the bookie would not make any profit for he has to pay the bets of the losers to the winners. However, if a vig will be included in the scenario, the bookie can at least guarantee to make money, regardless of the outcome. How bookies make money in this technique? If a vig would be applied, decimal odds would be 1.9091, 10/11 in fractional and -110 in money line. This change in odds would make big differences in a game or sport and will also guarantee earnings for the bookie.


Using or Hiring Experts

how bookies make moneyAnother brilliant technique how bookies make money is the use of experts. Wise bookies employ experts to set odds for them through probabilistic modeling and a combination of experience. How bookies make money through hiring experts? Experts set the odds for them both for the analyzation on how punters will place their bets and estimation of the underlying probability of the event. It is also, even more, easier for bookies in online sports betting to hire experts for them and the gamblers won’t have any slightest idea of it. One example of this is when an expert believe that an event would be 50/50 and yet he also thinks that the gamblers will trust on one team. To prepare for the possible result, the bookie will make that team the favorite so that he can make money, regardless of the outcome. Remember, that it is just a matter of prediction of the outcome based on past experiences and the experts are good at it rather than understanding a bookies pricing.


Adjusting Odds

Adjusting odds is another way how bookies make money in online sports betting. Bookies are making use of changing odds according to how the public bets. This is associated with the subsequent adjustments that reflect on how the public actually bets. How bookies make money through adjusting odds? It’s making sure that there is a significant amount of action in both markets. These two processes are followed by bookies to make sure that odds are well adjusted. This process includes Stage 1- the Pricing Up and Stage 2- the Following Suit. The former includes three important factors on how bookies can set odds such as, how customers will bet, the underlying probability, and the betting exchanges. While the latter is a contingency after the price-setting where the bookies have already set the market.

The Payout Limits

How bookies make money through payout limits? Just like another sportsbook, sportsperhead sportsbook has the feature which allows a bookie to set or limit the bet size. Sometimes, it’s the amount they will pay out, the amount a winner can actually stakes or both. Some rude bookies who focus too much on how bookies make money in this strategy set out rules that are too much in favor with them. These bookies set rules wherein they won’t have to pay for excessively high multi odds, but will deceive the bettors to place their bets regardless of the rules. When a bookie limits the payout, he or she also reduces the possible amount to be paid on a given bet as well as the cost that he needs to bear on a bettor. It’s better to ask a bookie for the payout limits first, before placing bets.


Banning Punters

Some bookies seriously make money by being notorious in the sports betting. Banning successful punters is another wise way on how bookies make money. Bookies set the terms and conditions on their sportsbook wherein they include their rights to restrict or ban anyone at their will. They mostly do it for several reasons such as arbitraging, systematic betting, and abusing of promotional offers. In order to protect the sportsbook, their reputation, and how bookies make money, some of them become strict with the policies. If a bettor performs repeated arbitraging by placing counter bets following the changing of odds, a bookie can ban that bettor from the sportsbook. Another instance is when a bettor uses an obvious system to beat the odds. No matter how complicated or simple it is, it is another ground for banning. Last is by abusing promotional offers, where a bettor focuses so much on the promos, and the bookie loses too much money.


Beating the Bookie

Aside from the techniques on how bookies make money mentioned above, there are so much more. The big thing is, how bettors would counter back in the sportsbook. sportsperhead sportsbook is fair and does not cling whether to the bookie or the bettors. It is only the techniques and strategies of the two who would take control of the sportsbook. Fortunately, if there are some strategies how bookies make money using the sportsbook, there are also ways, how bettors can fight back.

1. Know the Sport

Knowing the sport inside out is one way how bettors can fight back the idea of how bookies make money in the online sports betting. Understanding and defining the strengths and weaknesses of the players should be given emphasized instead of telling how well a player is, after winning several games. A player or a team might be lucky enough to win a few consecutive games, but are they really played offensively and defensively? Spot the good-value markets instead of following the player or team’s previous records.


2. Never Play Without Even A Single Strategy

This is one of the major failures of bettors which leads to the ways how bookies make money in online sports betting. Most players will just simply log into their sportsbook account without planning. They would simply place bets on a pick and neglect the possible outcomes, thus giving ways on how bookie make money in every game. Strategic bettors do not look to pick favorites but find value in the picks. Remember that a good bettor always has a backup plan and is also winning to take some losses while waiting for consecutive wins.


3. Don’t Bet With Your Heart

How bookies make money in online sports betting is defined by those careless bettors who only picks for their beloved team. Bookies love this kind of fault and win effortlessly. Never ever bet with your heart, it’s a risky move for a gambler. Its because, your favorite team might crush you. Instead, create a strategic plan on how you can win through betting or not on your favorite team.