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Bookie website: Enhancing your online betting venture to new heights

Bookmakers have no other way to place their online betting business a notch higher. A bookie website has a pay per head software that makes it very convenient for an odds master to grow and expand his business. It was not until 2002 that bookmakers involved themselves with online betting industry using the pph program in their bookie websites.


Advantages of a bookie website using a pph software


Bookie websites are the most practical ways to go for bookmakers. It would be very expensive for odds masters to put up their own betting company, it would cost them a fortune to create one. With the bookie website and the Sportsbook company supporting the online betting business, odds masters can compete against other sportsbook companies. Bookmakers can offer the same services as other betting sites deliver to their wagering clients.


In a study made by the Juniper Research, it showed that the gambling industry will exceed the $700 billion mark in 2018. The mobile device gambler niche and lessened online gambling restriction will cause the uptake of the online betting craze. Last year’s figure reached US$620 billion; but this year, the figure will most likely surpass the previous gambling remittances. Future forecasts show that by 2022, the online gambling industry will peak over the $1 trillion mark and expecting the number of online players to double to 684 million punters.


One of the advantages of a bookie website is the convenient application of the price per head software provided by a Sportsbook company. Since the integration of the pph program, the gambling industry blossomed into a more lucrative business with its clout reaching all over the world. A once lowly bookie can now accommodate online players from the other side of the planet with his bookie website.


What the bookie website offers


A bookie website offers a wide array of betting opportunities to online gamblers over the Internet. The betting site has all the sports actively played locally and internationally.


The wonders of technology had caught up with the betting site allowing punters to bet for their convenience from the comforts of their homes. An online player can even place his wagers anywhere and anytime at the push of his electronic keys. A price per head software offers sports betting for punters to choose for his bet placements.


Major Sports Events up for Online Wagering


NFL (collegiate and Professional)          NHL (National Hockey League)

CFL (Canadian Football League)           Golf

Arena Football                                           Boxing

NSL (National Soccer League)               UFC

MLB (Major League Baseball)               Auto Racing

NBA                                                             Tennis

NCAA Basketball                                      Cycling

WNBA                                                         Cricket

Olympic Games                                         MMA

American Idol                                           Dancing with the Stars


Bookie websites can offer these sporting events simultaneously with their respective betting lines and types. You can even monitor them in real-time while surfing through online channels and watching each sporting event live as it unfolds in front of your monitors.


Online Casinos are additional attributes that punters like on a betting bookie website. Casino tables offer a variety of games to play with like the Pai Gow, Poker, slots, craps, blackjack, keno, baccarat, faro, video poker, roulette among a number of table games.


Although nothing compares to playing in a real casino, betting online is a prestige that modern technology brings to the gamblers of today. Online casino tables spare you from boisterous players, smoke and noise, dirty casino tables, and drunk guests.  


Another offered entertainment on the bookie website betting platform is the horse racing events. Amateur bettors should take care not to bet on impulse on horse races. Beginners should do some research before placing their bets on these events.


Tips on Horse Race Betting


Understand the mechanics of what you are doing. Horse track betting is not won at random. A beginner’s luck perhaps, but you should start by researching on the horse jockey and the trainer. A horse may be very good on the tracks but with the absence of a jockey-trainer tandem, the horse will be only good for a few winning races. Study their statistics before jumping in and place your bets with a higher rate of the horse winning the race.


Check out the winning ratio of your potential racehorse. The winning side is more important than the loss probability. There are other racing factors that will direct your search to a winning racehorse. will provide you with more choices to place your bets. The sportsbook company is proud to present almost 200 horse race tracks scattered all over the globe. These race tracks are from Hong Kong, Ireland, South Africa, France, Australia, UAE, and England.’s software is customizable for bookmakers and automates the inventory of its gamblers. It keeps track of the wagering activity of your online players. Each racetrack displays upcoming races and the time left for betting, while other tracks show the remaining races, purses, trainers, jockeys, entries, and other information that will help punters make wiser choices.


Important features that enhance bookie betting website operations


While the wonders of technology bring in the goods for excellent viewing pleasure into your living room, the bookie website with the chosen price per head software allows you to enjoy the fun of online betting. Feel the excitement of what a few bucks could bring to a live betting experience; it spices up the thrill and suspense of closely fought competition.


The computer hardware complements a smooth operation of the bookie website. The latest hardware equipment brings unhampered computing power for the software millions of data per second processing. Both areas work in-sync to prevent system crashes and bottleneck operations. IT experts ensure continuous operations with all systems fired up and ready to go.


The live wagering feature is probably the most exciting state of the art addition to the online bookie website. The attribute allows punters to place their bets even when the game is actively on the play. Bookmakers can offer bets by offering them on your monitors while the game is on a play.


Basketball Competitions season at its peak and is now in demand in bookie websites. Sportsbooks would offer their betting lines for punters to choose from. The betting companies have calculations on the betting lines they offer making sure that both sides have the appropriate number of bettors and the spreads covered.


Basketball betting lines like the head to head match and halftimes are the most popular with their corresponding money lines to make it more exciting. On a live match, per quarter betting options are offered with the spreads and money lines made available for punters. There are also betting lines offering head to head second half and spreads on the halftime.


And there is the over and under wager option on the halftime and the match. The odd and even total is also available in the half and the end of the match. The most scoring quarter with the corresponding money line is an offer made at a bookie website.


A betting type that offers who will lead in the first half and in the second half is an option for punters. The bettor must choose two option on who will lead the first half and the second half to win the bets. The winning margin is also available with their respective money lines attached to the options.


The advantages of having a bookie website in your online business manifest the number of bookmakers succeeding in their chosen field of earning a living. They grew and expanded their betting sites with a decent income for their family.


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