Bookie Software

Bookie Software: The most effective Tool for the Online Betting Industry

The best innovative tool in the gambling industry for bookmakers is the bookie software. The pay per head program increased the efficiency of bet placements and enhance the services delivered to the online players.

Bookmakers Turn to the Bookie Software for Business Growth

Odds Masters can now level the playing field against prominent betting companies. The advent of the latest technology and software development make it possible for bookies to have the same betting platform with that of betting entities who are operating efficiently in the market already. The bookie software is the solution to the growing demand the online gambling aficionados want for their bet placements. The program can provide the personal touch of service through the bookies that invited them to play in the chosen betting platform.

Bookmakers can rely on the bookie software to take care of their needs and assist them in smoothly operating the online wagering program. The pay per head betting site enhances the management of the business through the automation of the network infrastructure.

Website Design

The best pph software supplier will provide its bookmakers with free bookie software. The odds masters can opt to take the offered betting site as it is or have a wagering website customized for convenience. Most bookies want to have their betting platform designed according to how they will run it; they can operate their business efficiently if they know the parameters of their software.

User-friendly Dashboard

Punters want their dashboard to be plain and simple yet effective enough to play the odds of the betting lines in a contested sporting event.

Prompt Response from the Betting Site Staff

Online players are looking for a betting platform that answers their calls and betting queries at all times. A prompt answer to a phone call is the best response the calling client can get in terms of professional service.

Payment Option Facilities

Online players appreciate their bookie software with many payment options when transferring or receiving funds. Some online gamblers have multiple accounts and draw their funds from various facilities. Therefore, it is more convenient for punters to use this wagering site.

The website appearance does not have to be fancy. What is important is the significance to the traffic it draws from the online players. Appearances could attract attention at a single glance.

Accounting Automation

One of the best management contributions to a bookie software is the automation of its accounting department. The bookmaker experienced the menial task of handling all transactions and following it up to document each deal by manually accounting the entries. The bookie software provides the solution for the task. The program receives all transactions and processes the data to appear on the respective bookmakers’ accounts. The process releases more working time for the odds masters to focus on the important tasks in the business.

Call Center Facilities

The call center is one of the bookie software amenities that help bookmakers manage their online betting business efficiently. If an odds master has 100 punters under his group, it would take all day to handle the phone calls, chat messages, and emails and respond to the queries and assistance from the players.

The bookie software takes care of this menial task with its trained and courteous call center agents. The receptionists are working round the clock to answer the phone calls promptly. The chat messages get the responses after an agent is available. Email is answered within a day after receiving the inquiry.

The call center facility allows bookies to spend more time on other pressing matters in the online wagering site. The response efficiency is what punters like in a bookie software which makes the pph program a reliable betting platform.

Today’s bookmakers are more knowledgeable about the bookie software they indulge in for their betting site. The bookies employ more methods of selection to choose the right pay per head bookie software for them.

Bookie Software

Technology Changed the Online Betting Industry

The betting industry edged its previous benchmark and ballooned to be worth over $100 billion at the end of 2017.  The modernization of the online betting infrastructure played a major role in enhancing the wagering system.

The bookie Software

The pph program changed how bookmakers operate the online betting system. The software ushered in new ways to help bookies manage their business and deliver efficient services to their punters. Thanks to the software developers and computer engineers who made it possible for betting companies to accommodate the number of odds masters and online players to their betting platform.

Mobile Devices and Apps

Mobile online gamblers make the 75% market share in the gambling industry. For instance, in the United Kingdom, there is a 97% penetration of mobile phone users in the gambling industry. 64% of which are smartphones.

Advantages of using Mobile Devices for Online Betting

Mobile devices changed the way people live by applying the technology from malling to dining out. The same is true with the betting industry. Mobile wagering increased to 75% in 2012 and, as expected, reached 84% by the end of 2015. The betting value of online gambling using mobile gadgets reached $100 billion with over 164 million people placing their bets online. By the end of 2018, the mobile wagering industry will fetch 40% of the online betting category. With the figures increasing at a constant rate, gamblers find it beneficial to use the portable gadgets to place their bets.

1. More Users

The increase in users indicates that using smartphones and tablets is more convenient than PCs. The figures say it all. The future is mobile gambling.

2. Convenience

Gamblers can bet anytime for their favorite players. Punters can place their bets from anywhere as long as there is a stable internet connection.

3. Accessibility

Mobile betting is easier for gamblers to gain access to the bookie software. Players love to experience the thrill of wagering with live betting and live online casinos. These platforms are easier to access using the smartphone or tablet.

4. Enjoyable and Fun

Punters using their mobile devices enjoy these betting sites. The bookie software and social media are on the same platform. The setup of these entities on the same cloud structure combines both entertainment arenas which adds more fun and pleasure to the betting industry.

5. A New Experience for Online Players

The betting platform offers a new experience for the online players. Bookie Software enhances its delivery of services to the users of iPhones and tablets. Sportsbooks propose better and tempting betting lines that are hard to ignore. The aim is to get the user connected all the time. Casinos present colorful and higher graphics resolution to keep users entertained and glued to their mobile devices.

Higher Computing Power

Technology introduced higher computing power so a bookie software could run flawlessly with respect to its software and hardware requirements. Computing components can deliver graphics that can attract players at a single glance and create other animated characters. The front end solutions benefit from this graphical application.

Enhanced Automation

With highly placed computer power applied to the bookie software, automation of transactions is at its best. Results will be available as soon as the games deliver the final outcome with respect to the betting lines payout or collection. The immediate delivery of payouts and collection of losing bets is confirmatory with the live betting outcome as it unfolds until the last seconds of the game.

Live Betting

This feature is one of the best deliveries of technology for the online betting industry. One of the advantages of the live betting feature is that it ensures punters that there is no fraud in the delivery of results. The outcome of the game is the result of what you see in the live video as it happens.

Sports per Head delivers its bookie software with the top of the line technology advancements in support of our bookies. Our sportsbook enhances the services it renders to the punters as well.

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