Bookie for dummies

Bookie for Dummies

Most gamblers had their share of winning and losing their wagers on either side of the losing and winning teams. There will be a point in their gambling careers when betting is no longer a priority in their daily routine. The bettors would consequently transform into bookies. The next question is: Do they have what it takes to be a bookmaker? The experience of a bettor in wagering and probably on the casino tables could prompt him on his decision to be a bookie. There is the bookie for dummies materials that a former punter could refer to in his transformation. It won’t be long for an ex-bettor to get the hang of being an odds master.


Bookie for dummies: primary guidelines to start a sports booking business


  • Schedule your time to your sports booking venture. Your time is precious and it must not go to waste on other matters than putting on your bookie business. The bookie for dummies checklist would require you of your time preparing for your transformation into a bookie.


  • After you are set on your time allocation, the bookie for dummies would now oblige you to make a roadmap for your business. It is time to set up a plan on how to achieve your goals and how to implement them. A timeframe is in place for your targets and checklists of the things you need for your operations. A marketing plan is a significant tool for you to put into action. This instrument will determine how you are going to implement your recruitment strategy of online players for your group.


A simple checklist of your Development plan of a bookie business


  • A simple marketing plan is important for your betting business. Make a note on how you are going to attract the right people to work and help you attain what you want for the operation. Take caution in choosing the right people for your online players.


  • Secure the right connections for your recruitment strategy. Be sure that the people you invite are not hustlers that are out to make a fast buck on your behalf. Get recommendations from officemates, relatives, and friends. Unknown personalities may cause problems and require thorough background checks, just to be safe.


  • Survey for a potential Sportsbook company that can help you through in your business. betting entity that can guide you is the company that understands the needs of a bookmaker. The sportsbook should be able to help you grow and expand your venture because they know that your success is also theirs when you start raking in the profits.


  • Have your startup funds ready. By this time, you would know how much you will be needing for the business. Have funds available that could last you for a month or two. Preparing for a three-week fund is an invitation for a disaster of the business.

If possible, avoid taking out a loan as your startup capital. Your savings will suffice; interest on loans will eat up on the profits. But if you really need to take out one, be ready to work hard for its repayment.


  • Start your business at the right time of the year. It is not advisable to start the bookie business in the month of April. This date is far too long before the football season begins. If you set the date of operations on this month, don’t expect to be around when the season of football sets in. Football competitions start in the first week of September. It is wise to open your bookmaking business two months before the football season opens. This is time to open the bookie business in the US. The bookie for dummies would advise you to do so.


  • The bookie for dummies would advise you to work with the people who are in the business for a considerable period of time. Choose the experts in this field. Look for a sportsbook company that can provide you with the tools to operate your business profitably. The sports booking company would be more than willing to help you out with their pay per head software.


  • Being with the people in authority on the field of online gambling makes you grow and learn faster as what the bookie for dummies handbook would say. It is now apt for you to look for sportsbook company that will provide you with a price per head wagering software.


Choosing the right sportsbook company


  • An important aspect of choosing sportsbook for bookies is the legitimacy of the business you want to work with. Check for any signs of a red flag warning you that the sportsbook is under the operation of scammers. The signs will tell you to back off and look for a legal sportsbook operator. The bookie for Dummies will tell you to run away and never look back.


  • The “bookie for dummies handbook”  would suggest that sportsbook company should provide you a free website where you can start your booking activity online. Other spurious wagering websites charge a fee for providing you a betting program.


  • The website should have a user-friendly interface that punters could use. Bettors would not want to waste their time trying to figure out how the system works. Confusing the bettors on the navigational aspects of a website could scare them away and will result in losing the bookie money.


  • Following more tips from the bookie for dummies checklist, choose a sportsbook company that will help you with the daily tasks that a bookmaker has to do for his business. The price per head software provided by the betting entity should have the following attributes that will make your life easier:


  • A call center with a professional staff to handle your daily calls from your punters. You cannot attend to each and every call each gambler who wishes to place his bets on a favored team or athlete. The bookies of old used to do that; but with the benefit of the call center agents, that task is already at the hands of the professional reception agents.


  • A pay per head software that will handle your accounting system will surely take off that heavy load from your back. Your chosen pph software should be able to receive the wagers and file them properly under your records for quick accounting. Your accounts will have proper monitoring to alert you in case of adjustments that can help your business have a profitable income.


  • A good bookie for dummies guideline says that the reports generated by the backend solutions of a website are essential to the bookmaker. These reports will help the bookie decide on vital adjustments by using the business tools of the pph software.


As the bookie, you will have more time to do the task that you should be doing, the recruitment of punters to play in your betting site. You may also render better services to your online players and be more active in your strategies to raise more revenues for your business.


Before considering to register and work with the top sportsbook to supply you with the right pph software, take the product for a spin. Avail of its free trial that is good for a week. During the demo period, the bookie for dummies guideline suggests that you take note of the flaws you encounter in the PPH program. If you find the navigational functions confusing and is not your style, ask if it is customizable.


Try some bet placements during the peak hours to see if the software does not bog down. If the program is inferior, the system crashes during bottleneck traffic hours. You should proceed to the next product and stay away from the disqualified programs.

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