online gambling

How to Avoid the Common Pitfalls of Online Gambling

Gambling is linked to the history of humanity, and it has existed for thousands of years. Humans love to gamble, from the rudimentary games of chance on tiles discovered in ancient China to the present day casinos’ online gambling. There are numerous forms of gambling,  including card games, slot machines, roulettes, lotteries, betting on horseracing…

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Choosing an ESportsbook for Placing the Bets

Some perspectives of selecting an esportsbook online betting site are evident. The number of markets and welcome bonuses are two of the most clear-cut factors to contemplate. Sportsbook Must Have the Esportsbook Market For instance, if you’re a huge CS:GO fan, then you’d make certain that a betting site presents an abundance of lines for…

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NCAA Football

An Ultimate Guide to Improving your Betting Chances in NCAA Football

The National Collegiate Athletic Association commonly known as the NCAA is an American establishment devoted to the success of college athletes. According to NCAA, the organization comprises 24 sports that accommodates more than 460,000 NCAA college athletes. Football, being the most favoured and well-known sport, is a team sport that constitutes the largest number of…

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esports betting

Tips to Consider and Common Mistakes to Avoid on Esports Betting

Electronic sports is a form of competitive and organized video gaming that is usually engaged by professional players either as an individual or as a team. Electronic sports are highly popular on a global scale, which can be streamed by various individuals on online websites. However, recent news have shown that the sport is currently…

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online casino wagering

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Casino Wagering

Online casino wagering is far from betting in a real and physical casino. Punters prefer online gambling in this time of pandemic where everyone stays home in the lockdown period. The comfort and convenience of betting through the clouds and the cons that go with it can help punters limit their gambling habits and make…

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live games

What to Do Instead of Live Games

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread throughout the world. As a result, mass gatherings have been prohibited. This has resulted in the cancellation and suspension of live games and major sporting events. As a bettor, there are always opportunities to play other games. However, bookies don’t have it this easy, especially if most of their income…

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sports and betting

How Sports and Betting are Affected By the COVID-19

The coronavirus has impacted billions of people across the world. Businesses have been shut down, people have lost their jobs, and a lot of people are not allowed to visit anywhere outside of their homes. What’s more, is that mass gatherings have been prohibited across the country. This puts sports leagues in an awkward position….

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NBA 2019-2020 Season

Is There Hope for NBA 2019-2020 Season Sports Betting After the Pandemic?

There is still hope that the NBA 2019-2020 Season will resume after the pandemic. Although rumors have it that this year’s finale on the NBA is apt for cancellation, Los Angeles Lakers SF tweeted that there is no truth in the cancelation of the games. Online sports betting for NBA can still resume. Businesses and…

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