betting on Esports

Betting on Esports During the Pandemic Lockdown

Stadiums and sporting arenas are eerily silent at this time of year. March and April are supposed to be the conclusion of sporting events like the NCAA Collegiate Basketball March Madness, the NBA playoffs, and the Major League Baseball Opening. The tournaments were suspended due to the CoronaVirus Pandemic that had public gatherings cancelled. Sports…

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best sportsbooks

Pandemic Pushes the Best Sportsbooks to Other Gambling Arenas

The Sports Betting Industry is in crisis and betting companies dependent on this line of business is the worst hit in the gambling industry. The situation pushed best sportsbooks to turn to other sources of revenues to keep their online betting business afloat. Sports Betting in Crisis Amidst COVID-19 Local and International Major Sports events…

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ESports: An Alternative Solution for Sportbooks Amidst the Pandemic

The survival of sportsbooks is dependent on local and international sports events. Major sports tournaments are suspended due to the CoronaVirus pandemic with no solution in sight. Betting companies turn to alternative innovations to keep their businesses afloat. With the state on a public lockdown, Esports suddenly became one of the best options in demand…

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perfect price per head

What is Perfect Price Per Head?

The online sports betting industry is unstoppable and continues to grow each day. As a matter of fact, leading investors and sports betting firms alike predict that the industry will become between $7 to $8 billion business in 2025. Thanks to the perfect price per head service providers, many people are now turning into bookmakers….

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Starting an Online Bookie Business

What to Do When Starting an Online Bookie Business

Based on statistics, the global sports betting industry has reached $3 trillion. Over $150 billion of the said amount is being wagered in the United States alone. You could say that this is a lucrative legal business and considers starting an online bookie business.  Now is the right time to start an online sportsbook business…

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pay per head betting platform

Improved Your Online Betting Business with Pay Per Head Betting Platform

The pay per head betting platform is the ideal tool to develop and grow the online betting business. Crafted by experts to help the bookmaker operate the bookie website to higher levels of efficiency, the pph betting platform pushes revenues higher with the tools and services the pph betting software provider delivers. What the Pay Per…

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best Pay Per Head Bookies

Good Qualities of the Best Pay Per Head Bookies

As expected, the best pay per head bookies will flourish following the legalization of online sports betting in May 2018. The US Supreme Court’s decision has opened windows of opportunity for many people to start their sportsbook businesses and become pay per head bookies.  Perfect Combination When you combine the good qualities of pay per…

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