Beyond Bookie Per Head

Beyond Bookie Per Head

Our bookie per head site starts where the others stop. There’s so many pay per head sites out there. But, if you look closely, only a few of them offer a fraction of our services. We looked at all the pay per head sites we could. We saw what worked for them, and we saw a lot of what didn’t. Once we did all that, we sat down to make Sports Per Head into the kind of site that incorporated the best of all worlds. We wanted to make a site with all of the benefits and none of the downsides. In this blog, we’ll cover what makes our sportsbook so effective for bookies. We’ll also delve a little deeper into some of our benefits.

Bookie Per Head Software

The one thing we always take pains to offer bookie is support. We’re glad to have all of our bookies using our software. We look at them like business partners. Indeed, we’re successful when they’re successful. So, we do everything in our power to make sure that they’re successful. That’s why we have a one of a kind English-speaking staff. You can contact them with all of your questions, so that you can have an edge. On top of that, our staff has top notch industry knowledge, too. These aren’t temps we pulled off of the street or something: these are real experts. They can give you real, expert answers to your questions. Our entire team of professionals has your back at all times. And, perhaps best of all, that’s just one of our features.

Most Games, Right Games

At our site, you can offer your players the most games and events. Perhaps more importantly, you can offer them the right games and events, too. We have all the biggest games (conference championships, Stanley Cup Final, Super Bowl, NBA Finals, World Series, College Football Playoff) and more. That being said, we can give you a lot more than that, too. You can get all of the big games throughout the season, too. So, you can draw in the casual fan that’s there to bet the playoffs. You’ll also get the die hard who lives and breathes with their team, betting them multiple times a week. With the most events to offer your players, you can keep your site ahead.

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Dependability You Can Trust

The last thing we ever wanted to have happen was for someone to hack our site. That’s why we did everything we could to make sure that our security is unparalleled. In fact, our site is always online, always in the middle of “uptime.” Our uptime is 24/7/365. That means that your players can be everywhere. They can be down the street or across the world: regardless, when they want to bet on your site, they’re able to do so. We do everything we can to make sure this is the case. Fiber optics, satellites, a host of connectively platforms and the top security in the business – when your players come to your online bookie site, it’ll be working for them.


Not only will your site be up, it’ll load quickly, too. How many times have you tried to load a page on your phone or other mobile device, only for it to take too long that you eventually gave up? If your online bookie site moves at that slow speed, your potential players are liable to do the same thing. So, we make it so that never happens to you. We’ve fully mobile optimized our site. That means that your players can load it up quickly on any mobile device, phone or the like. They can be in line, at the bank, in the bathroom or resting comfortably at home when they place a bet on the game. That enables you to reach more players than before.

What also enables you to reach more players is our online casino. Your players may love playing their favorite casino games, but don’t feel like they want to go to the casino. That’s where Sports Per Head comes in: by offering them something in addition to sports. They can come to your site to play all their favorite table games. On top of that, everything we just said about casinos can go for the racetrack, too. Now they can bet the track without ever having to go to one. Sports Per Head puts you ahead.

In one blog, no matter how much we throw in, it’s impossible to mention all of the benefits of our service. The only real way to see that is to check it all out for yourself. We’ve made that easier than ever, too. With our free trial, you can see everything that our site has to offer you and your players. Set it up by going to our site or giving us a call at (888) 684-9666.