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Betting on Esports During the Pandemic Lockdown

Stadiums and sporting arenas are eerily silent at this time of year. March and April are supposed to be the conclusion of sporting events like the NCAA Collegiate Basketball March Madness, the NBA playoffs, and the Major League Baseball Opening. The tournaments were suspended due to the CoronaVirus Pandemic that had public gatherings cancelled. Sports fans are locked down in their homes until a cure is found. Esports took a drastic turn and in demand during the quarantine period. Online gamblers made use of this betting on Esports option offered by sportsbooks during the pandemic lockdown.

Betting on Esports: Sportsbooks Offering Esports for Online Gamblers

Betting on Esports is most popular for quarantined bettors. The betting option started slow but gained much traction in the years that followed since its inception in sportsbooks. Global betting on esports will reach $30 billion by the end of this year.

Esport fundom has its momentum gathering especially in this season of lockdowns and sports cancellation. There is no substitute for the physical sports brought live by sports betting companies. Esports betting options during the pandemic lockdown will scratch the itch of gamblers trying to find the fix for their betting indulgence.

Sports Per Head delivers Esports to its bookmakers and punters. Before placing bets on esports, a punter should seek to understand what he is betting for or at least a basic knowledge of how these video games operate. Our company will provide punters the background of games for betting.

Electronic Sports Video Games

Popular Games on Esports include Battlefield, DOTA 2, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Overwatch, Smite, and Super Smash Brothers. Then there are Call of Duty, FIFA Soccer, Heroes of the Storm, PUBG, Starcraft 2, and World of Tanks. Other games include Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Halo, League of Legends, Rockets League, and Street Fighter.

Esports Tournament Format

It is also essential to know the tournament format before wagering on Esports video games. Hundreds of Esports tournaments take place all over the world. It is practical to focus on the major competitions with the highest profiles that players can place their bets on.

These tournament formats on major Leagues are The International DOTA 2 Championships, ELEAGUE, Capcom Pro Tour, Call of Duty Championships.  Another examples are eGames, Evolution Championship Series, Major League Gaming, and Intel Extreme Experience. There’s also the World Championship Series, Halo World Championships, League of Legend World Championships, and World Electronic Sports Games.

Know the Players of the Opposing Teams

Take time to know the players of teams before placing bets. Smart wagering is knowing the strengths and weaknesses of protagonists of the match. Do not bet on esports without understanding the scope of the game nor the players participating in them. Do some research as you develop your judgments for your bets.

The Most Popular Betting Options on Esports

Real Money Betting 

The closest form of esports to conventional sports wagering is the real money betting. This sort of betting is the same way as betting with football, basketball, a boxing match or tennis competitions. Betting is through placement of real money along with stakes on hand and get paid outright when you choose the winner correctly. 

Social Betting

This form of betting takes place within the circle of family and friends. Bets usually are in the form of money or skins, but most likely, with skins and items found in the video game. Both parties agree on certain terms and pays out whoever wins in the game. This setup is not advisable as it could be the cause of conflicts among families and friends when issues arise that lead to fallouts and arguments.

betting on Esports

Skin Betting

This method of wagering is very popular among gamers where items are on the table instead of cash for betting. Items are collected by gamers in their inventories and used to swap or bartered with other players. Special or rare items found in inventories are sometimes traded for cash or auctioned to the highest bidder on trade websites.

These items can also be used for betting on esports as a substitute for money. Special properties can also be utilized in other forms of gambling like the craps table on some betting sites or a simple flip coin for that matter.

Challenge Betting

This is the type of betting where players bet on a head to head competition where gamers pay the winners of the bet agreed upon. They can also join by paying a certain amount for registration and could decide on a winner-take-all competition. If you are not a gamer, do not venture on challenge betting. 

Types of Bets on Esports 

The bet on an exports event is the straight up bet option. This type of bet is usually the only betting market open for popular esports video games. Every game has a special feature to place your bets. For example, in Counter Strike:Global Offensive, a fast pace match, allows punters to bet on the team who wins the first pistol round of a match. In League of Legends tournament, bets are placed on a team that kills the baron or dragon mini boss first. These wagers are independent from the final outcome of the esports event played.

Payout and Deposit Facilities of Esports Betting

Spots per Head accepts the following methods of payment:

Credit Card

Using MasterCard, Maestro, and Visa-Bancnet are commonly supported by offshore betting companies. The facility is the safest way to deposit to your account for an esport wager. Credit cards are the fastest method to deposit money on a betting site. Withdrawals are also fast.


Bitcoin and Litecoin are the most popular crypto money accepted by betting sites. Wagering companies offer huge bonuses to entice punters to use cryptocurrency in their websites. There is no withdrawal or deposit fee when using digital cash with the features that gamblers want in their betting activity, privacy and anonymity.


The form of payment needs a middle entity between the bank account holder and the esports betting accounts. Neteller acts as the middleman in the transaction with esports. Simply create an account with Neteller and deposit the amount you want to bet. Transfer that amount to your ewallet and to your betting account of your favorite sportsbook. Additional charges are applied for anonymity in transfers and withdrawals. 

Gift and Prepaid Cards

Mastercard and Visa prepaid cards are acceptable at the esports betting venues. Choose the ones accepted for international transactions and online purchases before loading them up with funds.

Sports Per Head accommodates esports betting enthusiasts. Visit us at or you may contact us at (888) 684-9666 for further information.