Betting for Profit in Esport

If you’re an avid gamer and also love betting, we have some excellent news for you. Combining the two can prove to be extremely lucrative if done right. Betting for profit in esport is a popular pastime for sports bettors. Since the suspension of physical esports in the gambling market, punters turn to esports as a medium to enjoy their betting pleasures or make money out of it.

ESports betting is arguably one of the fastest-growing categories of sports betting today. And there are several eSports bookies out there that cater specifically to this demographic. Whether you’re a fan of FPS games, or if a good MOBA is more your thing, you’re bound to find something to bet on.

Esport is Just as Profitable as Physical Sports in Terms of Wagering

First of all, if you were to assume that eSports functions just like another sport, then it seems pretty reasonable to assume that esports betting would be just as profitable (when done correctly, of course) as general sports betting. 

One of the differences between esports betting and regular sports is that some experts are more prone to bet LIVE, in order to take advantage of the swings that matches sometimes suffer. This comes with a lot of knowledge about the market, the teams and their strategies.

Esports Betting Market

There is, currently, a lot of buzz around esports betting, particularly in MOBA, RTS and FPS games. Popular digital online sports betting investment platforms have markets available for punters to place their wagers on their favorite team playing on their favorite games in esports.

Esports could even be more “predictable” (if one could even call a sport that) than the regular sports, because in esports you don’t account for injuries, weather conditions or any other of those external elements that tend to influence the match. It all happens within the closed space of a PC.

Careers In Esport

Across the world, numerous individuals are making a living purely by betting on sports. The payouts are their sole income, with which they support themselves as well as their families. If there’s one thing we can take away from this, it is the fact that betting on sports can be incredibly profitable and could be a regular source of income.

It is not a one-off thing either. It has the potential to be a long term, steady source of income. Just ask any professional bettor. While people bet professionally on an array of sports such as football, basketball or tennis, eSports will soon be household betting arena.

Even if you’re vaguely familiar with video game culture, you’d know how much the industry has grown over the past few years. Men and women make millions just by live-streaming gameplay to fans, eSports competitions, where the prize money can go up to millions of dollars, are held regularly.


Is Esports Betting Profitable?

While betting on eSports is a relatively new hype, a lot of money is already being invested in the esports market. But how is esports betting profitable? Well, it is safe to say that betting on eSports is just as lucrative as betting on any other sport. But to be able to win wagers, you need to understand what you’re betting on.

You should know how it works, and the teams and players involved, their positions, and how they stack up against their competitors. Having the ability to spot value and to employ strategies assist in making long term profits.

Due to the relative infancy of the industry, bookmakers may offer varied odds on eSport competitions. This opens up the opportunity for the miscalculation of odds on their part, which makes it easier for you to find value.

The prediction of outcomes is also more accessible to an extent, as gameplay is not affected by external conditions such as weather, or stadiums.

There are certain things that you need to take into account when betting on Sports if you want to make it a profitable venture.

Have a solid staking method

For a sports bettor, it is crucial to have a staking method which works for them in the long run. Ideally, this is one that spares you from your bankroll getting too low during bad runs. It also maximizes your profits during good winning streaks.

Bet Numbers, Not Trends

The phrase ‘being on tilt’ is most often used in poker, but can also be applied to many other situations. In betting, it means to be in a state of mental confusion or frustration, where a bettor makes sub-optimal and rushed betting decisions (Don’t fall into this)

Learn the Basics

This includes things like understanding what markets you are betting on. Knowing what is the best bookmakers to use. This and several different other subtle things you need to know before rushing into making your first wager.

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