Best Price per Head Betting Software

Best Price per Head Betting Software

The powerful price per head betting software is a tool that helps bookmakers grow their online betting business. If you are looking for an instrument that will increase your profits and revenues, here is your answer – the price per head betting software.

Can a Betting Software Increase my Revenues?

The price per head betting software has an infrastructure designed to augment income and productivity in the online wagering business. The program helps bookmakers in the daily grind of their bookmaking management with the services it delivers.

A Friendly and Attractive Sportsbook

Bundled with the price per head betting software is a canned website delivered to the bookie free of charge. However, if the bookie has his own working style suitable on how he runs his business, he can opt to have his website customized. The odds master only has to ask the help of the company’s programmers and web developers to design a betting platform according to the bookmaker’s whim. The sports betting company would be more than glad to comply.

In your front end dashboard, you may make it simple to operate for your group of online punters. Your players want a simple yet effective dashboard so they can enjoy in their betting activities. A complicated front end menu could cause your gamblers to abandon your betting site and look for a price per head wagering platform that could serve their needs.

Customized Bookie Website

With the customized bookie website, bookmakers can now have their online presence in the internet. Other bookies equip their betting sites with SEO features so surfers can land on their page when players are searching for better wagering platforms. Some developers have the skill to turn websites into an SEO tool where it can deliver its online presence over the clouds.

The online presence over the internet will invite traffic to your website making the visitors to your page potential customers to join your group. This way, your new bettors will add to the earnings resulting to the growth and expansion of the betting site.

Setting up the Price Per Head Betting Software

When you made your choice for the betting company you are going to work with, you will be given the option to have a betting software from the sportsbook company or have it customized by your betting entity to suit your management style. Once the configuration is set up, a bookie can begin the online betting business immediately.

Personal Access Passes

The first thing you have to do to start the ball rolling is to import all your punters to the betting site for profiling and registration. The sportsbook company will provide the odds masters with special codes for the players in his group. The bookies will assign the personal access codes to individual gamblers. The players may now enter the wagering site to have fun and enjoy their gambling luxuries.

Automated Accounting

All transactions by your group of punters are properly documented so you can manage their betting activities productively and your earnings be kept on updated records. Bookies will no longer worry of the bulk of recording they used to do, the price per head betting software will be taking care of that from now on.

Best Price per Head Betting Software

A Call Center to Serve the Bookies and Punters

Imagine a 100-player book on manual accounting and inventory, this will eat the time you alloted to promoting your sports betting business. The call center is the frontline of an online wagering business; it is the receiving point of feedbacks and queries that will help develop the website. The receptionists will guide the bookies and punters by connecting them to the right people who will guide the lot in making the right decision regarding their business, in management and betting.

Better Online Wagering Services

Punters need prompt and reliable services from a bookie sports betting platform. The services delivered to online gamblers will make them want to come back and play more on the bookie website if they are happy with the services provided. The services are the best form of attraction that punters would want to experience when they play on your bookie website. The players will prefer your bookie site above others and will even recommend the platform to friends and family.

The best services delivered to gamblers are also your promotional tools that can spread by word or data increasing the number of players patronizing your site. More online players to the site means more revenues for the business. Conversely, poor delivery of services can break your business when your gamblers started migrating to other platforms for services they want delivered by better gambling sites.

Availability of the Wagering Sites

Players would want that the betting platforms be accessible 24 hours throughout the year. Especially for the newest niche of bettors that will soon be the mode of online betting – bettors using their mobile devices. The niche will be the future of online betting as manifested in today’s demands.

Accommodation of Mobile Betting Devices

Price per head betting software should bundle the accommodation of bettors using their smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The demand calls for the sportsbook companies to entertain the gamblers. Those who wish to place their bets using their portable internet devices. Betting companies are constantly improving their apps to lure mobile device punters into registering their business with the wagering entities.

Hand-held gadgets are now caught up with connectivity over the clouds. The United States is one obsessed population addicted to these gadgets. Are you into online sports betting? Gambling sites are not just within reach, it is the future of online wagering.

Mobile Betting Devices in Use


Android devices are much more adaptable to various operating systems similar to desktops. Users can easily download and install the apps for mobile device betting. Punters can place their wagers anytime or anywhere they are in convenience. One advantage of the Android is its has its software independent from the hardware. The android interface coupled with a stable internet connection literally becomes a sportsbook.


This powerful tool can do more than just be a gadget for internet connectivity. It can be above all a potent tool to access sportsbooks to handle your betting platform. The gadget can access sports betting websites where punters can place their bets on the go.


In countries where online gambling is legal, the iPhone allows its users to access betting apps. Sportsbooks are certainly now moving from the premise to develop apps that will connect with the iPhone. Instead, betting platforms are now into developing websites that are mobile-device friendly.


Using the tablet for sports betting? You may connect to a mobile friendly website or you can download a website where you can place your wagers.

Sports Per Head is in position to accommodate punters with mobile devices to access gambling sites with the price per head betting software. Visit our website at to learn more of our system. Call us at (888) 684-9666 for more details.