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Best PPH Sportsbook All Season Long

Every sport has an off-season. Baseball ends in November and players report to spring training February and March. The NHL season ends in June and training camps begin in September and the NBA season follows a similar schedule, usually just a few weeks later. The NFL season ends with the Super Bowl in early February, and then training camp starts in earnest in July. As you may have noticed from reading this, there’s no off season at Sports Per Head. We can bring you (and your players) tremendous sports action all season long with the best PPH sportsbook.

Sports Per Head Longevity

In every sport, there are the phenoms. The players who come out of nowhere and are amazing from the moment they begin playing. Some of them burn out, but some of them manage to last, forging the kinds of careers that put them in the hall of fame. If there was a Hall of Fame for pay per head sites, we’d be in it. Twenty years ago, when our business started, we were that phenom. We were the company that came out of nowhere and gave everyone a new perspective on what being a pay per head site could be. With some of the best features in the business, we were able to redefine the idea of being a bookie online.

Of course, we didn’t just rest on our laurels. We’ve been doing this for more than twenty years now. Just like a player who adjusts his game to go with the times, we’ve done the same. the technology available now is so far beyond what our wildest dreams were twenty years ago. So, to make sure that we’re giving our bookies the absolute best pay per head experience, we make sure that our site is always updated to stay relevant. Never trailing, we make sure that our site is always leading the pack in terms of what a pay per head site can do for its bookies, and by extension, their players. For one thing, that means being durable.

Iron Man Servers

Before “Iron Man” was Robert Downey Jr. in a series of movies, the term “iron man” used to mean a football player who played both offense and defense in the same game. Then, somewhere along the way, it became slang for a player who simply played a long time. For example, Cal Ripken Jr., the great Baltimore Oriole, absolutely personified what it meant to be an “iron man.” The idea is that it’s a player who can always be counted on, who will never let you down and always do their best.

To make sure that our pay per head site can offer you the “iron man” services that you’re looking for, we use “iron man” servers. These highly advanced, secure and safe servers are essentially “always up.” Their downtime is minimal at most. That means that when your players want to bet on a game, they’ll be able to find your site. as our servers never take a day (or really, a moment) off, you can always pencil them in to get the job done for you. Backed by these servers, your players will come to see your pay per head site as something that’s an “iron man” to them, too. As they begin playing games at your site, more and more, they’ll see that you’re someone they can rely on, too.

Best PPH sportsbook

Best Teachers, Best Managers

A great coach in sports is worth their weight in gold. The best players don’t always make the best coaches, but the best teachers usually do make the best coaches. With a great coach, a great player (and by extension, a great team) can become that much more. We understand that here at our site. So, to help our bookies always become better, we have a wealth of research materials for you to choose from. There, you can learn even more about the sports and games that you’re offering at your site. Then, you can make the best, most informed decisions for your games.

That’s not to say that you don’t already know plenty about the games. It’s just that with our help, you can learn even more. Even the best players, coming out of college and going to the pros, learn something new from their pro coaches. There’s always something else to learn some new insight to gleam. With the information available at our site, you can develop the knowledge to make great soccer lines even if you’ve never watched a game or NBA lines even if you grew up in a city that never had a team. We see our bookies as business partners and treat them as such.

So, that means that we aren’t interested in making money off of them. To us, unlike plenty of other pay per head sites out there, the bookies aren’t our source of income, they’re co-workers. They’re people we’re investing in so that we can all make money together. when our bookies are successful, we’re successful. We want you to share in our success as the seasons roll on. We invest in better services for our bookies because we know that bookies of all skill levels can use our service to make a better life for themselves.

Tools for Success

With so many options for your pay per head service out there, we know we have to do more to stand out. That’s why we offer our bookies the most. When you sign up with Sports Per Head, you don’t just get our site, you get our customer service team, too. Just like a pro sports team has all kinds of professionals working for them that you never see: trainers, equipment managers, schedulers, front office people, medical staff and the rest, so too do we have our customer service team. Just like all those people behind the scenes of your favorite sports team, our customer service team supports our bookies 100%.

That means that our staff speaks English but, more importantly, they speak sports. They know sports. We’ve heard the horror stories from some of our bookies who have worked with other pay per head sites. We know that there are places that say they have a top-flight staff, and yet they really have people who have just opened a binder with some sports knowledge inside. They didn’t grow up as fans, they didn’t play the sports, and they sure don’t know how to bet them. That’s the opposite of how our customer service staff works. We have trained professionals who can help you and your players.

A pay per head site can be a major commitment for bookies. We know that before you make the plunge, you want to know what you’re getting into. That’s why we offer a “training camp” of sorts with our free trial. We believe strongly that a free trial is more than just a brief period of time to try out a few functions of a site. At Sports Per Head, we’re proud of our site and what we’ve accomplished. So, we want as many people as possible to give it a go. That’s why we make our free trial one week long. You read that right. At our site, the free trial lasts for seven days.

Moreover, the free trial gives you access to everything at our site. Nothing is held back, everything is at your disposal. That way, you can make the most informed decision for your future. Imagine taking a car for a test drive, and being told something like “oh, you can’t turn the car left” or “you can’t turn on the headlights until you purchase it.” That would be absurd. That’s how we feel about pay per head sites that don’t let you check everything out. Try the best PPH sportsbook services from Sports Per Head with our free trial by heading to our site or calling (888) 684-9666.