best pay per head bookie software

Best Pay Per Head Bookie Software: The Tool in the Online Betting Business

One of the best things to help you in your online betting business is the best pay per head bookie software. The pph software helped in enhancing the services given to clients through the efficient organization of the bets and data the bookie handles.

Bookmakers depend on the Best Pay Per Head Bookie Software for Development

Bookmakers will be glad to know that their day-to-day operations will be easier with the access of a pay per head bookie software. This tool can help the bookmaker run their website according to their preference. Mastering on how to use the software will make the bookie’s responsibilities manageable and easier. 

Website Design

The Best PPH Software Supplier will give their bookies the product for free. The odds- master can use the software to customize their own website to whatever they see fit will benefit their business.

User-friendly Dashboard

Punters will be happy to know that their site will be easy to navigate so that even those who are not good at using computers will be able to smoothly go about their website. 

Quick Response from the Staff

Clients will love it if you can address each and every one of their inquiries as soon as possible. No hang-ups or no long rings will let the players feel the sense of importance which will be plus points for your business.

Payment Option Facilities

Different payment options should be available for the easy transferring of funds by the players. Different players have their own payment methods and having a lot of options will make the business run smoother. Players will always look for the most convenient option they have. 

Your website doesn’t need to be stuffed with graphics or a lot of designs. The important thing is what you offer to your clients to catch their attention. 

Accounting Automation

The Automation of its accounting department is one of the best features of the PPH Software. Bookies will be free from the manual and hands-on tasks when documenting each transaction through the help of this pay per head software. The program will gather all the information and process all of it and then systematically place it on the bookmaker’s accounts. This will give the bookie more time to handle the different tasks in his business. 

Call Center Facilities

The Call Center will help the bookie in handling all the inquiries and concerns of his

players. You can get bombarded with tons of calls, texts, email, and private messages which will be time-consuming. With the Call Center facility, the work will be quicker and systematic. 

The pay per head bookie software will handle all of these tasks with the best and brightest call center agents at their disposal. Properly trained receptionists will frontline the duty to assist the client’s concerns. Agents are available 24/7 and will respond to messages as soon as possible. Emails will be guaranteed to get a response after 1 day.

The bookie will be free to address other concerns in his online betting site. Players will give positive feedback to your business, thanks to what the PPH Program offers in your betting platform. 

Bookies know what they want for their business. They are meticulous when they will pick their software to what suits them.

best pay per head bookie software

Technology Improved the Online Betting Industry

The Betting Industry was worth $100 at the end of 2017. Technology and modernization of online betting further improved the business.

The Bookie Software

The pay per head bookie software became a blessing to all bookies of modern time. The program assisted them in ways a normal human being could not achieve in the same timeframe. Thanks to the engineers and developers that made this all possible. 

Mobile Devices and Applications

Mobile Gamblers are the top contributors in the Market. They make up 75% of the market shares. Statistics in the UK shows that 97% of online gamblers use their mobile devices. Out of all those players the most popular mobile device is the android which makes up 64% of the population. 

The innovation of Mobile Devices for Online Betting

The use of mobile devices is beginning to be a taboo for today’s society. Online shopping or making online reservations through your mobile device is something everyone does nowadays. The world of online betting is taken over by mobile betting. It spiked in 2012 with 75% mobile usage in betting which went up to 86% by the end of 2015. Mobile betting made a net worth of $100 billion with 164 million participants making online wagers. With numbers going up more gamblers will turn to their mobile devices to satisfy their betting fix. 

Increase in the Number of Users

Mobile gambling is the future and it is inevitable. Figures show that mobile gambling is much more convenient than using desktop computers. 


Punters can wager anywhere and anytime as long as there is an internet connection available. 

Ease of Access

The Bookie software is easy to access with the use of mobile devices. Punters will enjoy the excitement and the same thrill in being in a physical casino. This can be easily accessed on your mobile phones.

Exciting to Use

Betting and Social Media can be a fun combination. Online gambling on your favorite social media platforms can create fun and enjoyable experiences while you socialize with fellow players. 

Something New for Online Players

Odds and betting lines can be easily accessed on your mobile phones and tablets. Different features on online casinos will attract the players looking for some good entertainment. These eye-catching websites will keep gamblers on their phones for hours on end. 

Higher Computing Power

The best technology enables the bookie software to make thousands of computations smoothly. Graphics made by the software will be a head-turner for those who are looking for good deals online. 

Enhanced Automation

Automations of the bets will be swift and concise due to the computing power of the software. Important data will be read and delivered in the blink of an eye. Lines and payouts will not experience any delays with the use of this powerful software.

Live Betting

This is the most popular feature of the software. Live betting ensures that there will not be anything fishy with the results. Cheating is evaded through live betting. The outcome of the game is being cast through the live betting platform. It’s basically the same as what you see is what you get. 

Sports per Head gives bookie the experience with the best pay per head bookie software. Punters can also benefit from the software. For more inquiries, visit our website at  Give us a call at (888) 684-9666 for a free trial of our software.