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In some soccer leagues, there’s a term called “relegation.” It’s not a good thing. In fact, it’s something to be avoided at all costs. The last thing you want as a soccer team is to be relegated. What it means is that you’ve played so badly during the season that you won’t be allowed to be in your league anymore. In fact, you’ll be pushed down to a lower league. When a team is relegated, that’s not good. As far as pay per head sites go, there are plenty that we’ve come across that would be deserving of relegation, were that a real thing that could occur. Sports Per Head always stays in the Championship League by offering the best online bookie software.

Our Pay Per Head Sites

What would make other pay per head sites worthy of relegation is that they don’t change with the times. They don’t advance or get better.  There are many soccer teams in the championship leagues that keep using the same strategies, both off the field and off. Maybe they’re holding onto a core of players who won in the past or were expected to but did not. Perhaps the team is structured around a certain strategy that just isn’t in vogue right now. Maybe even the club uses salary negotiation tactics that put them at a disadvantage (whether through offering too little money or structuring the contracts oddly) when compared to other teams. Relegation comes from somewhere, it doesn’t happen by accident.

The same goes for a pay per head site that doesn’t keep up modern technology. If you’ve tried a pay per head site other than Sports Per Head, you know how they can be. The sites load slowly if they load at all. After you wait for a seemingly endless period of time for the site to open, it finally does… but incompletely. Some of the links that you want to click on (important links, like games to bet or offer to your players) either don’t work or are even outside the view of the screen.

When that happens, it’s typically because a site was never mobile optimized. These other pay per head companies built their sites to work on a desktop or laptop computer and that’s it. However, at Sports Per Head, we have none of those problems. We made sure to mobile optimize our site completely. That means that you can open it on a mobile device and it will load up quickly and at 100%. It means that you’ll be able to click on all of the links you want to when you want to click on them. Moreover, it means that you’ll be able to access all of the features, not just some of them. Our mobile optimization means that you can use your site how you want to use it.

Pay Per Head on the Go

If you’ve ever tried using a pay per head site that wasn’t Sports Per Head, then you’ve probably wanted to get a bet down, only to find that it’s much harder than you anticipated. Maybe you were out with friends and family when, in a moment of clarity, you saw exactly how the big game tonight was going to unfold. As you couldn’t get the site to load on your phone or mobile device, you rushed home (or even to a library) just to get to a desktop so you could get a bet down. Then, just as you did that, you realized…. It was too late. The game had started a few moments ago. Now, there’s no way to get a bet down. The game has started, and the deadline has passed. You could’ve made money, but due to technological failures, you cannot.

The above nightmare scenario is something that we specifically built Sports Per Head to be able to deal with. When you have Sports Per Head on your site, you never have to worry about something like the above happening. In fact, you’ll be able to get your bet down when you want from where you want. Using the above example, you would never have to rush anywhere to bet, as you’d be able to do it from your mobile device.

To continue the analogy further, say that you weren’t able to make that bet before the game started. Again, here’s one more area where Sports Per Head is far ahead of the curve: we have live in-game betting. So, even if the game has started, you still have a chance to bet. You aren’t automatically locked out just because the game began. This opens up a whole new world of betting for players who might not otherwise be involved.

After all, some people who want to get a bet down might not be able to in time. in fact, as a bookie, you probably want these people betting on your site as they can grow your business. Sure, they might not be there to bet every single game every single day, but with players like them, you can make your business all that much more powerful and potent. With our mobile optimization and in-game betting, you can bring in more players than ever before.

Best online bookie software

The Games You Want

A pay per head site that’s staring down the barrel of relegation probably doesn’t have much to stare at on its site in terms of games to bet on. Sure, they might have some of the biggest games: the Super Bowl, the Final Four, the NBA Finals, the World Series, or even much of the playoffs. However, they won’t have much more than that. They may have some regular season games but not all that many. They may talk a big game about “look at all of the games we have” but at the end of the day, they only have a few games.

So, that makes it so much harder for someone using that site to grow their business. Sure, they might be able to bring in the person who’s just betting on the biggest games, but… they’ll struggle to expand their business beyond that. With Sports Per Head, however, you never have to worry about that. you’ll be able to offer your players the best of all the games. However, you’ll be able to offer them plenty of games in addition to the big ones, too.

Sure, you’ll have all of the season-defining playoff games mentioned above. But, you’ll also get all of the games that make up the road to them, too. you’ll get the Final Four as well as the NCAA Tournament, conference tournaments, regular season, and the like. You’ll get the Super Bowl, NFL Playoffs, regular season and more. You’ll have the NBA Finals as well as the NBA playoffs and regular season. All of this will be something that you can offer to your players.

Another sign of a lesser pay per head site is that it only offers pay per head sports. Sport Per Head knows that a great pay per head business has more than sports. You can also bet the horse racetrack action from anywhere in the country as well as your favorite casino games, all from our site.

Best Free Trial, Too

Some of these sites are below relegation from the moment you sign up for them. You’ll see that they’ll below relegation when you take their free trial. Some of them just offer a short free trial that only lasts of a couple days and only gives you a few of their features. The opposite is true here at Sports Per Head. We make sure that we give you a free trial of the best online bookie software that lasts for a whole week and shows you every single feature that our site has to offer you and your players. Call us today at (888) 684-9666.