Best Online Betting Business

Best Online Betting Business to Start for Free

Starting a best online betting business is never easy especially with regards to spending a lot of money. We all want not only to lessen cost of operation but also, to increase our profits without spending a lot. It is a great challenge to find ways to lessen the cost without affecting the standard of our service and product. We want to provide quality assistance without negatively affecting our standard financial budget. In Sports Per Head, you can start your best online betting business for free. We offer a bookie software that can provide you quality service for no extra charge. For new and existing bookies, we have this one of a kind offer wherein you can have a one-week free sports betting software and a free trial of our service for you to have an overview of how our system will make your best online betting business easier.

Just in Time

We are at the MLB World Series Finals and during these times, free trials are common offerings during the start of the season wherein the primary goal of pay per head is to persuade agents over the competition.

Sports Per Head looks after its bookies. They want their agents to profit and not to hit rock bottom. You may be struggling to achieve your expectations, SPH is offering you a last-minute deal to agents to save their season. In other terms, transferring to a much improved and quality service proven to produce great results especially in increasing profits continuously. A free trial is available to agents. Its main goal is to assist agents to save their not so good season. Lessen cost can save the agent especially in cutting the cost of operation to a reasonable rate for a week. This will allow them to achieve considerable success in the future.

Best Online Betting Business: Top of the Line Quality

A bookmaker availing of the free trial service of sports betting bookie will be able to have access to the services like any paying agent does. In simple terms, you will be able to test every aspect of the service being offered free of charge.

Additional Services

In the 1-week free trial, the bookies will avail not only of the sports betting services offered but also additional products that could also be tested during the trial period.  Players can also access and enjoy the experiences of availing casino games like any other player. Casino games included in the 1-week free trials are Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, Sick Bo, Keno, Bingo. These are only some of the top-rated casino table games in the marker that the players could enjoy and experience unless the bookmaker prohibits the player from any of the casino offerings.

Safety and Reliability of Online Casinos

  • Legitimate Licensing

Certified licensing is essential for every casino that should come from a reputable organization as proof of legitimacy. It also ensures that they are regulated by an official agency on a daily basis. It also ensures your rights as a player and at the same time to keeps you safe from any discrepancies.

  • Regular Audits in Operations

Regular Audits should be routinely done in every licensed casino in the world to observe the quality of service rendered towards the players and players’ funds. Usually, these audits are performed by a third party.

  • Technical Safety and Security

Technical security and safety allow an authorized party only to access data. Unauthorized third parties cannot view such data without permission. But a strategic way for a casino to cost cut is by outsourcing an experienced and reputable company in the security world.

Best Online Betting Business

  • Fairness in Games

A number generator is in place to eliminate biases and game fixes. The fairness tool guarantees equity that every player has a likelihood of winning. At the same time, it requires a qualifies an external company to test the RNGs.

  • SHA-3 Hash Algorithm

To have secured RNGs in every game, it is essential to use the SHA-3 hash algorithm. SHA-3 hash algorithm is designed that no one can easily alter the RNGs. The way it is constructed, it ensures that no sudden changes can be made.

You may ask, can a skilled hacker hack into the system? With regard to the design of the algorithm, it consists of security protocols that will become a great challenge to a hacker. All trusted online casinos presented on this website contains the algorithm and the algorithm has been tested properly.

  • Hybrid RSA Encryption

How sure are you that every transaction that you made is safe? The system has a Hybrid RSA Encryption, a vital component in providing security when you are betting online. It ensures that the data you sent is being encrypted and that any unauthorized third party will not be able to tamper with your data during the process.

  • Software

ECOGRA, an organization of trusted software providers facilitates the fairness test of every casino game to test fairness in every game. “Online casinos receive certifications after the fairness test done by eCogra.

  • Deposits and Withdrawals

How secure are the deposits and withdrawal you made? Pay per Head provides the highest SSL encryption technology that no trusted online casino will be able to share your data with any unauthorized parties.

  • Ownership

Well-known gaming groups in the industry have the power to purchase sites. When it comes to new organizations, an in-depth study is conducted by our team regarding your group before endorsing any of the online gambling sites to you.

Horse Racing Paltform

Sports Per Head will not only offer the art of horse racing platform but also, on all major tracks in the US, from category B to category C tracks. Real-time updates will be provided coming directly from the tracks and immediate results can be obtained. Sports Per Head regular tracks and Major races are in store for Horse Racing enthusiasts namely the Triple crown, breeders cup, and international races.

Live Betting

Live Betting is also available on this deal. Players can wager in-game on a reasonable amount of games every month. The best part is the live betting software is compatible with all mobile devices.

Live Betting is one of a kind, players are able to place their bets on tons of games every month. The best thing is that Live betting is very accessible in any given situation. It is designed to be compatible with any mobile device that you have. Imagine how ideal it is. A much easier way to bet online by just being a click away.

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