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Above the Line Online Bookie Software

When someone makes a play in the NFL that’s exceptionally great or they play very well for an extended period of time, that’s called playing “above the line.” When you’re looking for online bookie software that plays above the line every time, come to us at Sports Per Head. With over twenty years in this business, we know what works, what doesn’t, and we give you everything that a bookie needs to have the most successful online book in town. There are so many reasons that we’ve been voted the number one service by bookies for a long period of time.

Online Bookie Software

One of the most important things for online bookie software to offer bookies is their own website. If you’re working off of someone else’s website, it sure isn’t your book. That’s why we offer you a free customized website. We set it up for you, but that website is yours. You can set it up exactly how you want it to run. It’s your book, your site; you own it and can do whatever you want with it. So, now you have complete freedom to set up your book exactly how you want. Bring in all the players you want to play on your site and watch your profits skyrocket.

Online Bookie Software

Pay Per Head that Pays

Beyond that, our online bookie software can give you all of the tools you need to stay on top of your online betting business. For example, you’ll get a “Weekly Balance Tracker.” That’s exactly what it sounds like: it keeps track of both the weekly and daily betting activities of your players. So, you can see the big picture for what they’re playing and when. Beyond that, you can also see their day to day actions, so that you can see the patterns as they develop. Armed with this information, you can run your book even better than before.

Alerts for Online Bookies

Alerts are one more feature that we can offer bookies with our online bookie software. “Bet Alerts” are effective for managing the hottest games effectively. These bets lets you know what’s going on when, so that you can always be on top of it. Settle alerts do the same thing, but for money. They makes it easier than ever for bookies to stay in the black and totally liquid. Beyond that, it’s important to remember that with Sports Per Head, you don’t just get the software: you get our dedicated call center agents, too. They can respond to the queries from your players so that you can live your life.

Sports Per Head Leads

The online gambling revolution is upon us. The bookie is no longer the guy in the end of the bar with the notebook. Now, it’s easier than ever to run an online sportsbook from your phone, your home, your car, the office or anywhere else. To get started today, just go to our website and fill out the five minute forms and you’re all set. Alternately, you could give us a call at (888) 684-9666.