About Us

Grow Your Business with Sports Per Head Pay Per Head Service

We, at Sports Per Head, prides ourselves on being the top pay per head service provider that help both young and experienced bookmakers across the globe expand and manage their business. We have the expertise to provide customized solutions for all types of bookmakers and players.

We understand that conventional bookmaking has been around for many years. However, with the price her head sportsbook software we have,clients do not have to experience slowdowns which normally happens when a business is done manually. In the realm of online sportsbook, SportPerHead does not believe in ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

By automating your sportsbook, bookies get to focus on what matters most – getting players. And we are here to do the rest. From our in-house team of tech experts to our dedicated account managers and customer care representative, we’ll make sure that your players get to experience the most convenient and easiest way to bet on any sports, play on our online casino, participate in horserace betting, and even make a wager on in-live game betting.

Our Mission:

On Our Products – Our price per head sportsbook software solution lets you enjoy a sophisticated platform so your customers can have a rich experience on sports betting, online casino, live in-game wagering, and horse betting. Out back-end allows you to take full control of the features and add-ons you wish as well as monitor the accounts and activities of your active players.

On Your Brand – We run your business so you can focus on building a strong brand and presence online. We provide the full-service sportsbook solution in order to allow you to grow your brand, In this rapidly growing price per head industry, your brand is paramount to the growth of your own bookmaking business.

On Your Earning – Our business model lets you keep the losses of your active pay per head players. As compared to other white label PPH firms, we do not take part of the profit. We want you to grow your sportsbook as much as we want our price per head site to prosper as well. In line with this, we will strive to improve our earning model and provide you with a win-win experience all the time.

On Your Customers – Caring for your needs as the bookmaker means caring for your customers as well. We ensure that every customer or player you have on your sheet gets equally enjoyable experience while using the platform. From various sports betting offerings to other services such as horse race betting and online casino, we will give your customers every reason to play regularly.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Sites

  • Virtually NO downtime. The platforms are fully functional 24/7 and the odds are updated real-time. We like doing business swiftly, clean, and accurate any time of the day.
  • We have a superior back-end and tech support just maximize an enjoyable betting experience.
  • You have control when it comes to setting your own lines, putting restrictions on wagers, and making the necessary adjustment to boost your earning potential
  • Bookies and players can contact our customer care hotline anytime of the day. Our staff is highly-trained, competent, and with advanced industry knowledge.
  • We automate your business and help you grow your sheet.

What Else Can Sports Per Head Offer

Anchored to our core value of PROFESSIONALISM, our clients can expect nothing less regardless of how small or big their sheet is. We offer the same level of professionalism, great range of products and services, and incomparable expertise in the pay per head industry. Our resources are never scarce as our primary goal is to give our clients top support and tools to help them grow into a major enterprise one day.

When you sign up and avail of our sportsbook software services, you will gain two important benefits:

1st – See your revenues go through the roof. As your business is automated and information are updated in real-time, it is easy to encourage and keep players to stick to your sheet. Your players get to take part in real-time action without having to worry about any downtime or poor software connectivity.

2nd – Save money and run your business at minimal cost. As our Price Per Head only requires a ‘per usage’ agreement, bookies do not have to worry about spending a whole lot in this business. When you choose to utilize our service, you will only have to pay a minimal fee per person who makes use of the software to bet or place wagers.

In short, it is a win-win situation for you, and there is no other sportsbook software company in the industry who can provide these benefits. In this cut-throat industry, it is imperative to be at tough and smart at all time. Are you ready to get your business to a higher level? Well, then see the following benefits you can have:

Opportunity for Growth

We will not let your sheet remain stagnant. When you continue to do business ‘conventionally’ you lose so much time handling all facets of business – answering phone calls, looking for clients, updating players, taking bets, and the list goes on. The result – you don’t get to focus on expanding your sheet as you are stuck in taking care of your players’ needs. Let us handle the daily tasks so you can spend your energy on capturing more players.

Operate with Utmost Confidentiality

We know that one of the biggest concerns of bookies is to ensure that the business leaves no paper trail, As discretion and confidentiality are paramount to the success of your PPH sportsbook, our price per head services guarantee that every transaction is done with utmost confidentiality. Your players receive designated codes in times they need to contact our customer service department. We also guarantee that we never call your players to protect their identities as well.

Software and Mobile-Optimized Platform

Every price per head bookie that signs up with us gets to choose a web design with fully-customized tools and features to suit every need and preference. Our team of software engineers is working extra hard to ensure that bookies and their respective players make use of a solid platform 24/7. Most of all, our websites are tablet and mobile-optimized so players can place a bet on the go.

Full Control on the Management of the Sportsbook

While we love to do the day-to-day tasks for you, we understand that bookies also need to have full control on how the sportsbook is managed. For instance, when choosing the sports to include and when configuring the boards and lines, bookmakers can do those instantly. It is sometimes necessary for bookies to place some limits or restrict some players to boost his chance of winning. We always see to it that in the pay per head service we offer, bookies can be just as efficient in managing the online sportsbook.

Dedicated and Highly-Competent Customer Service Team

Each customer care representative has advanced knowledge on the sportsbook and betting industry in general. No need to waste time on calling a hotline and having to wait until the right person picks up the phone. Our staff are highly trained and are knowledgeable in the sports betting industry and they will be able to provide you with accurate information.

Get a first-hand experience with our FREE TRIAL offering

We are extremely confident with our price per head offering and that is why we are giving you a FREE use of our platform for six weeks. We understand that a novice pay per head bookie can get skeptical of such offering so we highly encourage you to give us a ‘test drive’ and experience what it is like to have the pay per head service for your sportsbook business.