a pay per head service

Is It Worth It to Use the Cheapest Pay Per Head Service?

Using a pay per head service may or may not be worth it. It depends on the service you are using. Many bookmakers want the cheapest because they want to save on money.


Although there is nothing wrong with saving your funds for your Internet betting business, you must be careful in choosing a pay per head service. Make sure that the service is efficient and reliable.


Advantages of a Pay Per Head Service and Betting Software

One of the many benefits of a pay per head betting software is that you get to pay a very low-cost fee per week.


The provider charges you a low fee each time a player logs in to the site you chose. Apart from the payment for every player that logs in, you will also be charged a weekly fee each time you add a player under your group through the platform.


Another advantage is that you can use the business tools that can significantly boost your business’ profitability. It has betting alerts and live betting feature.


Furthermore, the provider has bookies with a website for those who wish to place their bets online. The website will guide the players in their online wagering activities.


The provider will have call center agents that take your emails and calls. These agents are trained professionally to guide online players and bookies to maximize the software.

a pay per head service

Why Not the Cheapest Pay Per Head Service?

Be wary of using the cheapest pay per head service as it uses inferior software. Keep in mind that the providers will adjust its overhead expenses to give you the cheapest rates.


One of the greatly affected with it is the software. With substandard software, the system will crash all the time. It will also experience several network failures which can surely affect your online betting business.


The use of mediocre software could also result in several errors in grading players’ wagers. Because of this fact, you need to assign several people to track every account for those errors and mitigate them quickly.


Otherwise, you will surely lose a lot of money. Surely, the savings you get from choosing the cheapest service will not compensate for the extra manpower you put.


Get the Best Experience with Sports Per Head

Our online bookie software can take your business to the next level. It does not matter whether you are a seasoned bookmaker or a beginner bookie, you can up your game with our software.


The pay per head service we offer is equipped with first-class technology that can provide you the best betting and gaming experience. As you become one of our partners, you will experience the advantages of a bookie that has a strong online presence. The best thing is that you do not have to deal with high operational costs.

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