Understanding Pay per Head Bookie

What is pay per head

Pay per head is a concept where the agent or bookie uses a software like Sportsperhead.com to function like an onshore bookie. The pay per head provider usually offers a betting menu, a custom website for clients, phone support who can take wagers and troubleshoots errors and calculates the winning. They charge a small fee for each customer thus the term “pay per head”.

Pay per head business has grown popularity over the years due to the increasing growth of the internet. Another reason was the crackdown on Internet Sportsbook which makes it difficult to join sites with a credit card which makes it almost impossible to open an account on an online sportsbook.

Pay per head acts like a data processing center so it makes the business completely legal.

How does it work?

A pay per head bookie functions like a regular agent. He handle the bets, set the odds, manage pay outs, give credits and all except that he can do this using a software like sports per head. He can give a link to his customers where they can create their account or be given their own username and pin. They will then be able to do their betting online from there. A pay per head bookie can also get wagers through the pay per head provider’s call center.

A pay per head provider like sportsperhead.com is not limited to sportsbook. They can also offer horse race, online casinos and more.

Pros and cons of a Pay per head Bookie

Just like any other businesses out there, being a Pay per Head Bookie has advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s start with the good news:

  1. You work for nobody!

In short, You’re the Boss! You will be working for nobody as the pay per head service provider will be the on to work for you. You will get your own customer support, your own website and you will be presented with the reports.

  1. Manage your own time

This goes without saying. You are the boss so that means you can handle your own time, you can work whenever you see fit or whenever you can. Also, you are not bound to work on time just like your regular job.

  1. Choose your own Customers

If you are a pay per head bookie, you get the proviledge of choosing who you want to include in your sportsbook portfolio. You can make sure that you get only the good customers or the customers you trust. You can avoid customers who does not pay or who does nothing but complain.

  1. Work anywhere you want

Since you are the boss then you can work wherever you desire. If your operation is still small then you can work in your home. When your operation starts to become bigger then you can rent or setup your own sportsbook office and hire staff to do some of your work.

And these are the not so good news:

  1. You are the Boss

Being the boss is also one of the disadvantages of being a pay per head bookie. Since you are the boss then you will be the one to handle the business’ problems if anything will arise. There is also nobody to motivate you but yourself.

  1. Health Benefits

If you plan on making this a full time job then you wont get a health insurance. You can apply for one but you will be the one to manually pay for it. If you have a full time job and you are doing this business on top of your 9-5 job then it is fine since you have insurance.

  1. You may Dislike it in the future

Having your own business means a great deal of responsibility and consistency. It may be easy now as you are about to start but it might get hard in the future and it might tire you. With you investing money and time, disliking or giving up on your business is another negative effect of being a pay per head bookie

What is Sports Per  Head Software

Sports Per Head Software is a pay per head service provider which is make by bookers for bookers. It was designed to make bookies work efficiently.

Sports per Head offers free software demo where so you can have the feel of their online sports betting interface, Online casino and live dealer casino, mobile betting, watch report and bet ticker and line mover.

They has their own secured private server which is Ddos protected and has complete backup systems. They also have a user-friendly platform which is easy to navigate and understand. Also, they offer 24/7 call center support,

Sign up now to try their free demo

Final Words

With pay per head service provider like Sportsperhead, being a sports bookie has never been easier. Being a pay per head bookie has both pros and cons but the pros outweigh the cons and can be a very reliable business if you have the will and the patience to do it.