Pay Per Head Online Bookie Software and Service

When it comes to providing exceptional pay per head sportsbook platform, we certainly mean business. We understand what it takes to take the lead and be in the business of online bookmaking services and we want you to experience the same with our online bookie software.

Whether you are a budding bookie or a seasoned bookmaker in town, you can still up to your game regardless of the number of players you have on your sheet. Equipped with the best technology and tools, our pay per head sportsbook ensures that you and your players get gaming and betting experience you can ever have.

By becoming one of our Pay Per Head partners, you are about to experience the benefits of being a bookie with a strong presence online and without the skyrocketing operational costs. No need to put up your own physical office. Gone are the days when you need to split your own profits with a separate white label service. You can instantly take your bookmaking service to the next level and have your own access to our platform in as little as 5 minutes.

Top of the Line Sports Per Head Sportsbook Software

Comprehensive and Easy to Use Platform

We make it easy and convenient for all the players to bet and wager. In the realm of betting, the easier it is to use the platform, the more money you can make. We have the most popular online bookie software features that players could ever ask for. At a glance, bookies and players can benefit from the following:

  • Full pay per head sportsbook, online casino, and racebook offerings
  • A platform that is mobile and tablet-optimized
  • Live in-game sports betting for all major leagues and international tournaments
  • A lot of free resources – sports updates, news, and tips.
  • Experience what we offer the first hand with our FREE TRIAL!

Top-Notch Agents and Customer Care Representatives

Another feature that sets us apart from all other pay per head sites is that we have a dedicated call center in charge of all customer care-related needs of our clients. Our agents are trained to provide forefront support and custom reports to give you an edge in your sportsbook business.

  • Be assisted by English-speaking staff with top-notch industry knowledge
  • Have your online sportsbook business set up the same day you sign up
  • Each bookie gets a dedicated account manager
  • Be a step ahead with our sharp line management

Unparalleled Infrastructure

We see to it that we invest well in technological advancements and finding incomparable talents. Moreover, we strive to continuously produce products and platforms. We take pride in caring for our staff as well as we know that employee happiness is always a serious business. You will find that our work ethics is one of in the industry, which only enables us to keep the most competent staff with advanced industry knowledge for a long time.

Our Headquarters is a well-equipped with a multi-million dollar facility. We invest in satellites, Fiber Optics, and a diverse set of connectivity platforms to guarantee uptime 24/7. We have high-powered servers plus we continuously upgrade our top-of-the-line software. Our security measures entail the use of triple-redundant Internet and phone connections and we have multiple layers of preventive solutions for any cybersecurity attacks.

100% Reliable System

Never worry about server crash or a platform that does not work. We make sure that you will not experience unexpected downtime on Sundays when the biggest games happen. We take pride in the cutting edge technology we have. We have a dedicated team of software engineers, web designers, etc to see to it that the pay per head sportsbook tools are well taken care of.

We understand the importance of highly optimized platforms. Furthermore, bookmakers will enjoy maximized profits as we never experience downtime. Yes – we have an average of 99.99% uptime every single year. Thanks to our industry grade and high-quality generators, your customers will never have to miss a single game.

  • We have and well-maintained servers
  • Experience Full System Redundancy
  • No need to worry about DDOS attacks as we have a 7-layer protection
  • We have a dedicated email, phone, and domain for each bookie
  • We have a team of expert ensuring you do not come across bad lines and misgrades

We dare you to compare us with other existing pay per head sites. To know all the benefits you can have, simply sign up for a free week trial and experience how we manage your sportsbook business and help you maximize your profits.

 Pay Per Head Online Bookie Software and Service

Keep a Bigger Profit

We strongly believe that the bookmaker should keep a bigger profit. While most pay per head sportsbook companies tend to take a huge percentage of the net and let you take home a small share only, we do it differently with our Pay per head service. We simply charge a minimal flat rate fee for every active player in a week. So whether your player loses $100 or $10000 on a bet, you get to keep all of it and we still charge the same rate.

How To Get Started with our Online Bookie Software

Step 01: Register using our online form.

Step 02: Choose from our range of websites, tools, and features that we offer. This is another advantage as you can customize the features and bookmaking tools that would address your needs.

Step 03: Your sportsbook business is now ready. Start making the profit today and watch your sheet grow.

Boost Your Earning with Our Affiliate Program!

Aside from having price per head service, we also have an affiliate program to help you earn more on top of your online sportsbook offering. In this program, you simply have to sign up and you can start earning your commission just like our many affiliates today.

What Do Our Top Bookmakers Enjoy?

  • A flexible website that functions fluidly on different platforms and anywhere in the world
  • Real-time reports so you can keep track of your earning
  • An extensive selection of international sporting events
  • 3200+ live games every month
  • Assistance from our dedicated and highly competent staff

Start experiencing the benefits of partnering with pay per head sportsbook service today, and you will notice immediately how your business flourishes. You will be impressed with how extensive the backend is and how easy it is to manage your players, even while on the go, and your customers appreciate all of the extra events and features.

This is certainly one of the ways to earn extra with our service. You can have a bookmaking business and an affiliate business in one. As with other similar programs, you just have to follow this one important rule – get more players to sign up and see your commission skyrocket.

With the ability to wager on events as they are happening, an extensive casino offering, 200 national and international horse tracks, and pre-game lines on an ever-growing list of leagues throughout the world, your customers will truly be happy to bet at your site.

Join US Right Now!

Starting your bookmaking service is a breeze. Sign up and see your website come alive in an instant. Do you have more questions about our online bookie software services? Call our in-house experts and learn how to you can benefit from pay per head sportsbook service that only SportsPerHead can deliver.